2002-09-20 19:00:53 ET

I looked up at the sky tonight
and it was breath taking
mesmerizing to my mind's eye
it showed life
the radical and soft events
the love and hatred
the unity and rivalries
i could not believe how i by passed it
the light and flashing
loud claps of thunder
how could life ever be so pleasing
how could life ever be attained
how could you trust what's unknown
be free i said
live life, love and forgive
i could look into his eyes forever
undernearth this sky of beauty this sky
of ultimate life and death
she says to me.. i do not trust this life, for i cannot explain it
don't explain it i said
embrace it.. and look at the sky

2002-09-20 19:14:24 ET

(smile) so pure. i love it.

i used to be a purist.

2002-09-20 19:14:47 ET

: ) what changed that?

2002-09-20 19:15:41 ET

loss of innocence through drugs sex rock n roll.

2002-09-20 19:17:26 ET

: ) all the good things in life? hahaha. i don't do drugs or sex.. music is my escape. i love to express myself in various ways

2002-09-20 19:22:30 ET

that's why you're so innocent. that's why your poetry is pure. that's why you're fourteen. that's why i think you're adorable.. and not in a demeaning way.

actually, i'm jealous.

2002-09-20 19:26:40 ET

well thank you! i love 'my innocence' i love being fourteen. jealous? but why? i sometimes don't like the thought of growing up for fear that i will lose the great innocence that i have now. thats why i try to make the best of it now

2002-09-20 19:30:31 ET

make the best of it always. never let the shit get you down. i miss my virginity. i regret doing drugs. i hate them now.

2002-09-20 19:30:45 ET

stay healthy and happy. eat/drink and be merry

2002-09-20 19:33:14 ET

live everyday as if it were your last.. for one day you will be right.
but all the things you've done have made you who you were and by your writings you an truly remarkable and awe-inspiring woman. happiness is key. but to know what it is to be happy we must feel the lows of life every once in a while

2002-09-20 19:34:00 ET

(grin) i'm so telling you. keep that attitude. because so many people will try to take it from you.

2002-09-20 19:36:23 ET

*stands up tall* it has taken me a while to finally get to this state of mind. i've realized that people don't make me. i make me. why should i let others take what they are not strong enough to get for themselves? you're so neat!

2002-09-20 19:39:47 ET

heh. i'm just looking at a girl who i think has her head on straight. so many will tell you that you're naive for being cheerful and having a good outlook. i've been in a rut for so long and so many people that i know are so synthetic. it really rubs off. and i feel sick -- mentally and physically... from so much stress. i just wanna find people who like to live again. who doesnt like being happy? but yes, it's all a state of mind... it's all self-decided. some days it's just really hard to decide to be happy. mad props, girl.

2002-09-21 04:07:10 ET

thank you! i understand how that feels.. just having a hard time being happy and stressful.. but life is tricky. i love life. it fascinates me. my family is very involved with money.. they want more of it.. and such i find it so sad! *cheers to life my friend*

2002-09-21 07:41:24 ET

aww... things always work. money is the root of all evil. stay gold, browneyedgirl. (grin)

2002-09-24 11:14:40 ET

:) i will try my hardest

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