full moon ahead my darling
2002-09-28 05:57:46 ET

its so sad.. we're millions of kilometers apart and there is nothing i can do but spend hundreds of dollars on letters and phone calls.. maybe i could save up to go see her in the summer.. i miss my sister so much. i wish she was here so i could hug her and buy her all the glorious things she wants and just have fun with her.. i wish she was never taken away..I love her :D she's only 8 perhaps i could live with them.. get a job.. and a dual citizenship.. i have time to think..

have you ever had a dream that you want to come true so very badly? like a dream when you're asleep. ..... i hate being grounded..

music: Queens of The Stone Age *no one knows*

2002-09-28 15:05:01 ET

I applied for jobs today at the mall. If I get one, and that is a big if, I'll give you some of my money so you can go there.

2002-09-29 06:12:22 ET

thanks babe! but its okay i can save up besides my dad would pay for half.. whether he wants to or not... :D hopefully you get a job! then you could buy me a pony! *joking*

2002-09-29 06:44:10 ET

Right... and where would this "pony" go anyways?

2002-09-30 15:51:50 ET

why would i give away all my secrets?

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