this thing called life...
2002-10-28 13:27:09 ET

what do you want out of life? what makes you happy?

2002-10-28 13:28:57 ET

I just want to be happy. That's all I care about. A lot of little shit makes me happy. Rain. Hugs. Kisses. Snow. Punk rock. Leather. Spikes. Meow.

2002-10-28 14:56:45 ET

thats awesome

2002-10-28 15:08:51 ET

What about you?

2002-10-28 15:15:04 ET

i want to be happy in life and see the world. what makes me happy. hmmm.. life. life makes me happy. trees. water. lots of things. life is what you make out of it

2002-10-28 15:19:02 ET

Thats rad. :)

2002-10-28 15:19:34 ET

:) i thought so

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