would you love for me?
2002-11-13 15:50:17 ET

hey there! floopa man! i am grounded! i call home to say i will be late ----- grounded.. don't call home ---grounded... bwah!
tayler sent me her pictures (she's my little sister who lives in texas and i miss her so much (i live in canada, eh?)) today just keeps getting better i am so happy, my hair is awesome. i am great! how are you? i would really like to go campin right now.. it would be so great. such a beautiful day! no deep thoughts now. just trying o get my homework done! i hope everyone on SK is doing well! if not please contact me!!

2002-11-13 15:54:42 ET

full of energy much?

2002-11-13 16:02:35 ET

my sister is moving to florida...=(

2002-11-13 16:17:48 ET

boo! i'm not too energetic.. just really happy :D you should see the posts i'll write when i am bezerk!
boo to moving! my little sister is 8 her mom tookher away from me and i'd only seen her for 2 days.. its a long story.... why is she moving?

2002-11-13 16:41:47 ET

Being grounded sucks!


2002-11-13 18:09:32 ET

college.....i've been crying since 4:30. going to perkins and telling them it was my birthday and having them make fools out of themselves didnt even cheer me up. oh but jake did so yeah its alittle better now....

2002-11-14 12:07:21 ET

I don't think I've ever seen anyone so happy in my life.

2002-11-14 18:45:26 ET

:D happy is good!

anti-flag: that sucks! but it could be worse.. not to worry perhaps she will write or you can write to her.. and e-mail etc etc although her physical presence is not there her ora is!


2002-11-16 21:04:21 ET

/loves you

2002-11-18 11:08:11 ET

-*loves angel uber loads*-

2002-11-18 14:32:25 ET

/shriek of joygasm

2002-11-18 15:52:52 ET

joygasm? *has an orgasm* lol

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