2002-11-21 15:17:06 ET

love is priceless

2002-11-23 12:34:11 ET

how would you know!

2002-11-24 05:28:11 ET

because i know everything. and i experience it everyday

2002-11-25 11:29:59 ET

wow. i wish i could say the same.

2002-11-26 11:08:40 ET

it takes time really. what about your parents? don't they love you?> an dyou friends? significant others? me? THINK ABOUT ME.. i love you!

2002-11-26 11:13:37 ET

awww! *fawn*

2002-11-26 11:14:01 ET

don't make me cry like i did for Monsters inc.

2002-11-26 11:14:35 ET

I LOVE THAT MOVIE.. when i was babysitting friday night thats the movie we watched and the two little boys were almost crying it was soo adorable.. then they faught over who would get to lay with me

2002-11-26 11:23:49 ET

innocent little boys eh?

2002-11-26 13:03:01 ET

No only I get to lay with you mwhahahahahahha.

2002-11-26 13:03:40 ET

they're not that innocent

really wiggles GRAHAM

2002-11-27 05:51:53 ET

wiggling is fun.

2002-11-27 11:00:40 ET

lol */wigles*

2002-11-27 11:02:14 ET

stop it! it feels to good to be true.

2002-11-27 11:05:02 ET

wiggling? *keeps wiggling* wiggling is fun

2002-12-02 11:13:52 ET

when others wiggle i must wiggle as well.

2002-12-02 11:31:51 ET


2002-12-02 11:47:35 ET

it can't be STOPPED!

2002-12-02 11:48:09 ET

no its like sneezing, once someone starts.. it just will not end *wiggles uncontrollably*

2002-12-02 12:13:44 ET

alan says he loves it.

2002-12-02 12:38:15 ET

who's alan?

2002-12-02 12:55:42 ET

roentgen silly. he loves to love the WuMyN.

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