2002-11-26 16:29:23 ET

oh man i love him. more than anything :D i want to start my own zine, and i need to think of something new for my avatar,, what a tough life

2002-11-26 16:30:45 ET

Oooh, a mailed zine or an online zine?

2002-11-26 16:31:50 ET

both i'd first put it online then mail it

2002-11-26 16:36:51 ET

That is so rad. What do you want to name it?

2002-11-26 16:49:49 ET

i'm not sure just yet.. any ideas? something to promote the underground community, catchy, comical, and punky

2002-11-27 08:25:12 ET

sounds neat!

2002-11-27 11:04:38 ET

spank you. spank you very much. paper cuts hurt

2002-11-27 11:26:37 ET

yes they do. and they itch like a bitch.

2002-11-28 10:44:14 ET

You thought of one name last night in the car. But I forgot, but maybe me saying this will remind you, or maybe not, it may just annoy you.... mwhahahahahha... love you.

2002-11-30 05:54:44 ET

lool Stolen Concepts

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