2002-12-04 17:24:03 ET

i am the worst person ever

2002-12-04 17:26:12 ET

how so? i dont know you but im sure your not all that bad.

2002-12-04 17:32:15 ET

No you are not.

2002-12-05 02:58:01 ET

How can a brown eyed girl be the worst person ever? I thought that they were supposed to be the sweetest.

2002-12-05 12:26:56 ET

what else is new.

2002-12-05 12:27:32 ET

NO i meant why who did you kill/pork/mug?

2002-12-05 12:31:36 ET

i took a break with my boyfriend.. then took it back you all rawk MUCHOS LOVE TO ALL THE INCREDIBLY KEWL RAWKY PEOPLE AT SK i love you all

2002-12-05 12:58:04 ET


2002-12-05 15:00:17 ET

2002-12-06 06:11:03 ET

That isn't evil badness... it's ok. I agree. Sometimes YOU NEED breaks.. don't feel bad! I <3 you!

2002-12-06 11:24:34 ET

breaking him sounds like fun.

2002-12-06 12:40:07 ET


2002-12-06 12:43:01 ET

oh its you. I didn't know that! *he's distracted, attack now!*

2002-12-06 13:11:44 ET

yeah breaks can be good. but i mean its a matter of confidence in the second party. you've got to have a mutual idea of how to solve a problem together.. and for me thats not always easy because i tend to do things very indpendently.. it doesn't help that i am a total drama queen

2002-12-09 11:36:44 ET

what are we talking about again?

2002-12-09 11:36:56 ET

what are you talking about again? i lost momentum. no sarcasm i'm serious.

2002-12-09 11:40:48 ET

Yes its online stutter!

2002-12-09 12:11:10 ET

i don't know... i'm lost too

2002-12-09 12:16:15 ET

nice background!

2002-12-11 03:06:26 ET

spank you :D

2002-12-11 09:35:17 ET

mine is hard to read with.

2002-12-11 11:02:59 ET

it could be worse

2002-12-11 11:15:36 ET

like what? worse than the way you think about yourself?

2002-12-11 11:19:19 ET

i don't think badly about myself all the time. only when others who supposedly care for me make me feel worthless

2002-12-11 12:10:35 ET

i care. do i do that?

2002-12-11 12:10:57 ET

do you make me feel worthless?

2002-12-11 12:11:51 ET

yes that was my question. do i?

2002-12-11 12:13:35 ET

nope. why are you interested?

2002-12-11 12:17:38 ET

i do that sometimes without meaning it. what pisses me off is that the time i want to do that i can't. its a vicious cycle.

2002-12-11 12:21:36 ET

i agree that happens to me sometimes too

2002-12-11 12:27:42 ET

have people pointed it out to you?

2002-12-11 12:29:06 ET


2002-12-11 12:30:14 ET

they do to me.

2002-12-11 12:46:48 ET


2002-12-11 12:55:33 ET

yeah it more dissapointing that it is depressing.

2002-12-13 03:10:54 ET

sad that i knew what that sentence meant...

2002-12-13 05:56:11 ET


2002-12-15 05:40:49 ET

it was a bit off in its wording

2002-12-16 09:33:01 ET

yeah it more dissapointing that it is depressing.
sorry that is supposed to be than.

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