this pain cuts deeper than the blade
2002-12-11 03:09:03 ET

nor am i worthless
now have i don't something wrong
what did i do to deserve this treatment?
when will he see he's killing me.
it has to stop

i hate feeling like this, but it opens up a whole new way of thinking. and recovery. if he hurts me again then its over. i won't take it much longer

school today
my birthday is in 3 days whoop!

2002-12-11 03:29:13 ET

if I remember, I will give you a happy birthday then. if I don't, happy birthday now!

2002-12-11 11:08:06 ET

*has a huge smile* thank you hun!

2002-12-11 12:18:21 ET


2002-12-11 12:22:25 ET


2002-12-11 12:28:17 ET

i may not be on saturday. how old will you be 17?

2002-12-11 12:38:42 ET

er, 15

2002-12-11 12:47:47 ET

yep 15 :D

2002-12-11 12:59:37 ET

what are you getting?

2002-12-13 03:12:56 ET

i don't know my boyfriend is getting me something great.. or so i'm told

2002-12-13 09:29:02 ET

i hope its good.

2002-12-15 05:43:48 ET

it was :D

2002-12-16 12:11:43 ET

what was it?

2002-12-16 14:55:58 ET

a subscription to adbusters (my fav magazine)

2002-12-17 05:44:39 ET

adbusters? whats that?

2002-12-17 12:58:32 ET

its a magazine i <3 it

2002-12-18 11:00:57 ET

i cant go there just tell me what its about please?

2002-12-18 11:10:51 ET

why can't you go there

its a magazine that bitchs about society and the western way of life

2002-12-18 11:12:21 ET

wow. sounds like a good mag. does it complain about the suit against Mc donalds?

2002-12-18 12:18:14 ET

YES it LOATHES mcdonalds!

2002-12-19 11:12:57 ET

as it should. nothing good can come of that franchise.

2002-12-19 11:24:58 ET

Fat greasy food is good.

2002-12-19 11:58:21 ET

any chain is better than mickey d's

2002-12-19 11:58:26 ET

any chain is better than mickey d's

2002-12-21 04:54:15 ET

i agree with you epsilon. i can't stand the majority of fast foods. i like a few though.. not a good habit considering my dad said i should be dieting...:s

2002-12-21 07:38:16 ET

no you shouldn't you're perfect, you aren't fat and you aren't like a bag of bones. No one wants a scrawny cat, you gotta have meat of em bones. ;)

2002-12-24 07:57:06 ET

lol true enough. i want to be healthier though like so i can run faster and such.. not diet but i'm not as hungry so much anymore

2003-01-13 05:45:00 ET

wiggles could be more right. no body likes a sack of bones.

2003-01-13 18:10:29 ET

:D dats me

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