2002-12-28 12:34:14 ET

i hate work
they are assholes
i wish they will die fucking die and burn i hate them their making me cry why am i falling apart?

2002-12-28 12:40:56 ET

you should be a jobless bum like me!

2002-12-28 17:38:55 ET

I <3 you!

2002-12-29 05:57:17 ET

well all love her, cause she's such a cool kid.

2002-12-29 15:47:49 ET

That she is... and she's mine so :P to you :).

2002-12-30 06:51:48 ET

hahaha. dont worry about me.

2003-01-03 04:09:00 ET

:d yes i am quite kewl
i got a raise at work last night woot!!! but it still sucks i want a new job :D

2003-01-03 07:28:02 ET

hum...get a new job? i need a job...

2003-01-04 05:12:26 ET

i would like to.. work at a music store

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