2003-02-05 17:56:54 ET

i miss tayler... she should come back to me where she belongs... :(

people keep pretending to be something their not....

2003-02-05 18:23:27 ET

I didn't meant to ignore you on MSN, btw! I had to go do my homework.

2003-02-06 19:00:24 ET

lol it's alright i was leaving any way!

2003-02-07 11:53:08 ET

Where'd you go, I don't know the number... so umm... I love you... and I was just wondering where you went, bye.

2003-02-08 07:21:27 ET


2003-02-08 07:48:16 ET

Nevermind, I love you

2003-02-09 05:42:28 ET

okay love ya too did you just call me?!?!?!

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