aaaahhh monsters!
2003-02-20 18:21:35 ET

work was fun.. :D fix it was in. he's one funky monkey.
i need a shower. i don't want to bring life into this world right now. so lets hope i don't have to. and if i do. wow. it shall be hard.
shaun had his baby, Jordan, gosh she's so freakin' cute!
*sigh* life. what a wonderful thing. on the ride home tonight my grandmother was telling me about most of the things she hated. guess what. they were all the things i loved.

so beautiful

2003-02-20 18:24:22 ET

you updated! *dies*

2003-02-20 18:26:58 ET

lol yeah i know! i've been so hectic lately. i was like hmm bored. not tired SUBKULTURES.NET when you have nothing better to do :D

2003-02-20 18:29:12 ET

Exactly! It's the greatest for those things.

2003-02-21 05:53:52 ET

no fucking way! you did update!

2003-02-21 07:13:51 ET

<3 <3 <3

2003-02-24 17:59:04 ET

oooh, u wpork, so what r u doing at ur job that u enjoy it so much?

2003-02-25 10:57:06 ET

yay i updated! lol. LOVE YOU ALL!

i work as a cashier at a place that sells hamburgers.

2003-02-25 11:10:38 ET

mmm i could go for one of those right now

2003-02-25 11:45:35 ET

are your shakes made with real ice cream or powder?

2003-03-01 04:44:17 ET

real ice cream baby their so good
and just recently i've started to eat meat. so now i can eat burgers with cheese and it is soooooooo good

2003-03-01 23:17:13 ET

get aim!!!

2003-03-03 05:47:15 ET

yes please do.

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