school time blues
2003-04-23 05:59:07 ET

so bored, in my programming class. i've done all of it. i've been done the project for like a week now. so there is absolutely nothing to do..

yay! we can save SK! (that sounds neat-o)

i found hte most ultimate prom dress in the entire world, and i am going to go and buy it as soon as i get paid. if i can i'll find a picture of it.. its soo hawt! and so am i.. and so are YOU!

so bored. i need a hair cut. today is a much better day than yesterday.. and my shoulder hurts. I LOVE YOU!

G'day mate!

2003-04-23 08:11:15 ET


2003-05-02 13:47:25 ET

wow,programming. I hate it. Do you learn C++?It sucks!
You poor little meow, I hope your shoulder wil get better =)

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