lost without her
2003-05-04 15:26:18 ET

she's gone and i'll never see her again....

my sister she's suppose to be in Texas but i don't know where... texas is big.. and i am lost without her

2003-05-04 16:57:15 ET

Doesn't someone in your family know where?

2003-05-04 18:48:06 ET

Ask around or get an updated white pages for Texas and call everyone with your last name until you find her.

2003-05-04 18:58:09 ET

why did she go?

2003-05-05 14:52:25 ET

well here is the story:

last march when i was at work my sister and her mom came and they gave me a big hug and said that they were going to tayler's (my sister) grandmother's (which is in ontario) and they'd be back after the march break.. well after march break they didn't come back.. so it wasn't until early august that we got a phone call from Daisy (Tayler's nana) and she said that she just finally realixzed what Shelly (tyler's mom) was doing. shelly had gone to texas for a job and left tayler with her grnadmother. so her grandmother urged my father to come get my sister, so he did. he got her the weekend i went away to a friend's cottage. and tayler was suppose to stay with us for a few weeks. we had planned on trying to get custody of tayler while her mother was away. but my grandma said to shelly "wouldn't you mind if she stayed with us for a little while? she's moved around an awful lot. don't you think she needs stability?" and shelly said "no" and so what happened was a few days after tayler had come to our house i started to get panic attacks at the cottage. i knew in my blood that something bad was going to happen (at this time i didn't know about the phone call that my grandmother and shelly had) so i told my frind that i needed to go home. so they took me home on a friday an d when i got home tayler was outside, so i hid behind my bed, and when tayler came in my dad said "Tayler you've made a horrible mess behind rachel's bed.. now go clean it up" so she came running upstairs and she saw me and she just ran and jumped on me. i couldn't stop crying!!!! so the next day i took tayler to see austin powers 3, which was the day it came out.. and the day after that graham (Wiggles13 aka my boyfriend) and tayler and me went to the park.. that night i promised tayler that we'd have a slumber party (which was our little thing) and it was about 9:30pm and the doorbell rang, and my grandmother yelled down the stairs, "Tayler you mom is here" and i ran to the bottom of the stairs thing this was all just one big joke, and i saw the look in my grandmother's face and i just started to cry. and then tayler didn't stop crying. she bawled for half an hour until we finally brought her upstairs. and then shelly took tayler to texas and the last time i heard from her was christmas. my dad wasn't home when all this happened. so my dad blames me, my brother and my grandmother for tayler being gone. i tried to call her last night. and the number wasn't in service. but i got a new number. hopefully it works.

2003-05-07 04:36:32 ET

i hope it works as well.
sounds very painfull indeed.
how old is she?

2003-05-20 14:11:34 ET

she's 8, 9 in july.. she sent me some e-mails.. e-cards they're so cute!

2003-05-21 04:25:46 ET

ach only 8! she must be going through a tough time.

2003-05-26 11:16:15 ET

i don't know.. i hope not,, but maybe

2003-05-26 11:17:17 ET


2003-06-15 15:33:44 ET

i miss her but she's doing good last time i checked

2003-06-15 18:19:07 ET

its also good that you updated

2003-06-21 06:44:24 ET

yeah i knowq

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