/so today/
2003-05-05 15:00:05 ET

well today i got caught for skipping and they called my dad at work, and when my daddy came home he asked what i thought my punishment should be.. any ideas?

life's getting better. i should be doing homework. but i'm not in the mood yet.. booo! graham is sick. thats no good i wanna kiss him. cause i love him.. well yeah

you rule!

2003-05-05 18:52:01 ET

"what your punishment should be"? hahaha... that's one of the most pathetic parent's quotes. Tell them that if they don't know how to "punish" you they shouldn't do anything, it wiser not to do something if don't know how it is done. "If you don't know how to read what do you want a book for?"

2003-05-06 12:16:12 ET

dont kiss him, my boy thought he was all better and then he wasnt and we made out and now I have glands the size of golf balls and I cant breath through my nose. NO kissy till u better, sickness sux

2003-05-06 13:41:49 ET

I wasn't that kind of sick I was... tummy sick. Not throwing up sick... the other hole...

I know your thinking eww.... but :P

2003-05-20 14:19:04 ET

yeah now i am sick.. so in a way he made me sick, and if we don't kiss i think i'll implode then explode.. and that alone is unpretty

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