2003-06-21 06:51:45 ET

i wish you could all see my haircut.. it's uber kewl. well long time no write huh? what am i going to do today. graham left for the weekend. and i need to go shopping. so i called ashley now i am waiting for her to get home and if she comes home and says that she doesn't wanna go shopping then i could've left already. oh well. rest is good i have until quarter after 5 to do something today.. anyone wanna do something with me?
last night at work daniel proposed to me... he's about 14 and i am 15 and dating graham .... he didn't show a ring so i said no. i felt embarassed but it was fun

2003-06-21 17:33:21 ET

How is your hair cut now??

2003-06-21 22:45:19 ET

*crosses fingers*

2003-06-23 04:43:19 ET

no not bald! sorry! it's so kewl.. it's like woah.. i'll take a picture and scan it for you okay? then you can all marvel at my hair.

2003-06-23 14:02:46 ET

you do that ;)

2003-06-24 06:49:04 ET

yes. ill blow it up and make an altar.

2003-06-25 03:29:28 ET

wahoo! now all i need is a camera......

2003-06-25 07:59:39 ET


2003-07-04 05:26:38 ET

or scanner

2003-07-04 08:51:16 ET

do you have it?

2003-07-08 17:54:15 ET

a picture? yes a scanner? no

2003-09-02 13:47:25 ET


2003-09-04 11:40:13 ET

but soon

2003-09-06 05:31:17 ET

so very soon

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