2003-07-10 08:39:01 ET

there are a lot of rachels on this website! and i am proud to be one of them!

2003-07-10 08:41:00 ET

Congrats on being a Rachel. I'm a Sarah.. only 2 that I know of.

2003-07-10 11:50:46 ET

You all should make some sort of RACHEL clique.

2003-07-11 06:11:27 ET

hey! that would be so kewl! now how can i do that....? any ideas?

2003-07-11 15:19:11 ET

Make a post about it.. go through people's pages on SK and look for Rachels and contact them.. I dunno.

2003-07-14 04:39:57 ET

that could work

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