2003-08-13 22:53:02 ET

Well I've been listening to the Linkin Park "Meteora" CD and I would have to say that those guys know how to make a great record... I have a hard time skipping tracks cuz everything on that CD pretty damn good!

I mean... I never really liked them to begin with but after getting the new CD (cuz I was told it was incredible by my bestfriends) I would have to say that I like them quite a bit more now. It's kind of hard to explain but it's like how well the band comes together stylistically makes me appreciate them that much more... you can tell that they are very meticulous and must plan everything to the millisecond.

What can I say? I like hardworking bands that put on good shows and come out with great CDs.

2003-08-13 23:49:16 ET

word to all of that

ive loved lp since about a year before 'hybrid theory' went huge...loved that the new one even more

i agree with you on all points, they're an amazingly talented, smart, and unique band.

2003-08-14 07:34:31 ET

oh yeah... "Hybrid Theory" was an incredible album that i don't think got as much recognition as it should have but putting "Hybrid Theory" and then "Meteora" next to one another just makes Linkin Park that much more badass. I mean some bands come out with 3 albums with only 6 songs that are really good but every Linkin Park song is amazing... I mean even the Remix CD was pretty good and I hate Remix CDs.

I was just blown away by how they can keep on making awesome records...

2003-08-14 10:39:19 ET


they really work their butts off, to say the least

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