So my Birthday is tomorrow...
2004-03-22 18:49:11 ET

I've got a bottle of Parliament Vodka and some Cran-Apple Juice waiting for it.

It's going to be a great Tuesday.

2004-03-22 19:16:24 ET

...No WAY are you older than me! O_O

2004-03-22 19:33:38 ET

Happy Birthday!!
(a bit in advance)

2004-03-23 05:26:54 ET

Yeah way I am.. and thank you both!!
(technically you are correct... my birthday is on the 23rd)

2004-03-23 13:03:16 ET


2004-03-23 16:42:38 ET

...Wow. Oo

Well happy birthday!! ^___^

2004-03-24 13:16:29 ET

happy happy late birthday !!!!!!<3

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