So I know this...
2004-06-02 22:33:49 ET

Donnie Darko as you all know is being rereleased this Summer so I will definitely find a way to see that film. Oh and I saw Gus Van Zant's "Elephant" which was a very interesting movie as well.

tonight was the only bad movie I saw which was "The Day After Tomorrow" and that was just because Roland Emmerich can't write a decent screenplay to save his life but it made money so what can you do... and Jake Gyllenhaal was in it and he's my favorite.

I gotta support my boy.

2004-06-03 01:52:00 ET

i still must see 'the day after tomorrow'
and i didnt know that dark was being rereleased...that r0x0rz

2004-06-08 18:47:41 ET

the whole donnie darko being re released is kinda weird. they say there's new scenes....weird.

i kinda liked the day after tomorrow. it was blantently anti-Bush which is pretty ballsy for a movie to do right now...but i liked it.

2004-06-08 21:25:18 ET

yeah... i liked how they killed him off and had Dick Cheney take over...HAHAHAHAH!!!

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