The Sleepless Dreamer
2004-08-04 20:01:03 ET

So I'm taking a break from the world for a while
But let me know when I should return
For the moment has come to me
That I can no longer call this day a day of mistaken identities...

I see you for you

So leave me an answer to my questions
Leave me a star to point me in the right direction
And help me to notice that it's not love but some viable sense of loneliness
And not a true connection

She always says 'quit dieing on me'
But I love the way you reincarnate me into a better person
With every line you send me
I wouldn't mind some love but I don't get carried away
No more dreams... just reality

So help me to quit placing bets on the losing races
The losing teams with the losing faces
And I never got used to being number two
But I'll take it so I can see what happens

Even though I'm the one left behind
I see you for you

2004-08-05 15:07:52 ET

...This makes me think of how, a couple of posts ago, you said that you can't expect a girl to notice the meaning behind the lyrics when you make her a CD. ...Maybe she did, but she just wanted to chalk it up to her imagination. ...Or maybe - no offence to her whatsoever - I forget that not everyone pays attention. ^^'

What are you doing with your music, Senor?

2004-08-05 20:48:09 ET

Ahh... I got a guitar. I did not tell you this... I will be posting photos of it shortly. It is quite nice. I'm right now in the "i just got an electric guitar" stage and am still figuring it all out. It's different remembering when to switch effects and such.

And yes... not everyone pays attention like me.

2004-08-06 15:05:15 ET

Didn't you have a bass? O.O

But what I meant you perform or any such?

...Don't you know any other smart people? ;_; I would be sad if you didn't, because if you didn't, I imagine it would make life extremely frustrating at times. ^^'

2004-08-08 13:30:24 ET

did you write this? It's very good.
the whole figuring an electric guitar part takes alittle bit. Im sure you are a quick study and will have it down in no time. :)


2004-08-08 22:02:29 ET

Neko - Oh... I still have my bass dear... I just got an Electric Guitar and a 150watt stack and so I'm hoping to start performing soon.

I know a couple smart people but they are mostly girls that I have dated... so in reality... no. hahahha... and so my life is extremely frustrating.

terriblethings - Thank you for believing in my quick learning ability... it only works with things I truly love... so if it's got to do with music/writing/history then I'm set... but other than that I am a goner.

And I did write it... it was a collection of little scribblings I had on notebooks and old envelopes that I decided to combine and they fit very well... so thank you for liking it.

2004-08-09 07:10:59 ET

I'm so sorry...^^' I've given up on the dating scene (I have no idea how I managed it Oo) because people are too insane. But I still get crushes all the damn time. ...I wonder if I'll ever get over that....Oo

You know...I've never heard your music, but I've read your lyrics, and I think maybe you're one of those rare 'true' Dave Matthews. Which is incredible. ^^

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