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     2007-05-28 12:31:43 ET

I was unemployed, looking for a new job for about three weeks.
I've only been at my new job 1 week, and my checking account currently has $49.

yikes, I need a paycheck bad.

     2007-05-24 14:22:06 ET
Today was my 4th day at my new job.
(Dentist's Office) In the past few days I've been there I've made over 100 reactivation calls & sent about 40 reactivation letters. I've made 6 appointments. Not to mention various office duties, I think thats pretty darn good for 4 days of work when I've just started.
My new "boss" the office manager is a woman who is definitely riding a major power-trip. Let's hope I can stick it out here for the best.

ps: I'm almost positive that the office manager and the dentist are having an affair.