2007-05-24 14:22:06 ET

Today was my 4th day at my new job.
(Dentist's Office) In the past few days I've been there I've made over 100 reactivation calls & sent about 40 reactivation letters. I've made 6 appointments. Not to mention various office duties, I think thats pretty darn good for 4 days of work when I've just started.
My new "boss" the office manager is a woman who is definitely riding a major power-trip. Let's hope I can stick it out here for the best.

ps: I'm almost positive that the office manager and the dentist are having an affair.

2007-05-24 14:49:55 ET

Congrats on the new job and for doing so well!!!

Well...Now, that makes for some good office gossip...


If they are already involed in another relationship and/or married, those people deserve what's coming to them...Cheater's are very miserable people whom need to realize that they can take control over the situation that is currently making them cheat (By getting out of the current relationship that is making them so unhappy)
We all have the power to make our own choices...it's just a matter of what choice will you make and how are you going to fix it if you make the wrong one...
Anyway...I'm rambling...
Sorry, I got a little carried away there...

2007-05-24 14:53:08 ET

You look really familar...

2007-05-25 03:16:57 ET

Welcome to SK =)

2007-05-25 04:25:22 ET

dentists scare the shit out of me

2007-05-25 09:40:07 ET


2007-05-28 12:29:35 ET

Thank you!

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