Saul Williams...
2004-09-21 09:16:44 ET

Well... the new album is out and holy shit is it fuckin good!! It's amazing... if you like beat poetry... if you like GOOD hip hop... if you like revolutionary speech... if you like intelligent thought... this is the album that you need.

And it's got an awesome collaboration with Zach de la Rocha.


2004-09-21 19:45:16 ET

i am definately a fan of good/new school/underground hip-hop. ill have to check him out

2004-09-22 20:05:17 ET

Turbo... did you check it out yet?

You can click on that link that have for "album" and it'll let you stream the songs after you click on the little flying spaceship thingie.

2004-09-22 21:25:03 ET

hmm no i totally didnt realize that...spiffy!

ill have to do it tomorrow when i have a computer available that'll let me do that >_<<BR>
<makes note>

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