Counting Breaths
2004-10-03 22:15:34 ET

<->...shut eyes, shut mouth...<->

Close quarters getting closer still and this time I choke, I die
Remember those nights we'd stay out til sunrise dreaming about new beginnnings
We could have stayed forever in this haze of illusions miskept
Sheltered and inept to the art of holding back...
Remember the smiles fading and laugheter filling our throats
We were everything the other lacked... and so much the same
If only I could let go and let go and let the blame pass from you...
...but I can't and you won't accept so that brings us to the here and now...
Apart and in a death struggle tightly linked through these rings arounds us like a mirror of Saturn
A mirror of something to turn the fight back to duels of the past and the passed previously bent and broken
We are the greatest of friends and the best of enemies
3 weeks later and still suffering from 5 years of forgiving
This time the table is level and this balance is fraught with a choice...
one voice
two words
three beats of blood through my heart
before the echo upon five pairs of closed eyes
...and now it's starting with you and ending me...
sixes and sevens
I'm hating nine and beginning at ten

<0> mouth, open eyes...<0>


__and in the depths of my vengeful heart__
...all i want is an apology...

2004-10-05 08:44:02 ET

...I don't know if you've ever been in a situation where you're an outsider, reading someone's lyrics or poetry, but at this time, I have to tell you that I wonder: Are these just lyrics, or is something happening to you?

2004-10-06 16:34:45 ET

that was great. I love what you write. It really hit close to home for me.


2004-10-06 18:35:09 ET

Something is always happening to me my dear Neko. This is a dedication piece to my "best friend"... if that doesn't say it enough.

Terriblethings: I'm glad you liked it! I have many more that are along the same subject matter that I may post here... but most likely it will be on my poetry page. I know you've been going through a hardtime right now and so I apologize for any bad memories I rehash unintentionally with my writing but hopefully it helps in some way.

2004-10-07 08:36:39 ET

The same best friend from before? ;__;

2004-10-10 21:38:48 ET

apoligies are always the hardest to get

2004-10-14 04:58:40 ET

Neko... yeah. Always the same. Pretty much... if he apologized to me tomorrow we'd be friends again because I'm a pansy when it comes to him. Not that I'm not a pansy all the time... just I will forgive him first if he just said the right thing. And that is not going to happen(to answer your post lovelusthateyou) cuz he's a dumbass.

But what can you do? It's not like you pick who becomes your bestfriends...

2004-10-15 18:50:15 ET

Nono...I understand. You love him, right? ...Unfortunately, that makes you let him walk over you more than he should.

2004-10-15 19:21:35 ET

it makes alot of sense....i did the same thing for ages.

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