Wahoo... I'm sure
2004-10-20 20:03:26 ET

Well I will have to say that Jimmy Eat World's "Futures" is everything I hoped for and more. They really really did a great job on this album and it's one of the most beautiful I have ever heard (well behind Sigur Ros but you get the point).

Here's something I wrote...

"is the definition of existence but an error in a chemical reaction that allows me self-introspection of something greater than, larger than, more beautiful than, smaller than, or nothing more than myself before the theater of me and i waiting for something other than this seamless acting in the most beautiful of tragedies... i know that we all die... a goodbye... not an if but a when and then the end... and this puts my mind at ease... this interval between start to finish is mine for the taking, deciding, dividing and i conquer... this destiny is the wind and i am but leaves in this tree that is life... does my being begin when i sprout springing forth from the bough, the branch... or on the gliding flight through the air to the ground... and if so... am i ever truly alive if i never make a sound..."
-the pugilist diaries

2004-10-22 08:40:27 ET

My friend jordan said the same thing about the jimmy eat world album. I havent heard it yet though. sigur ros is very amazing.


2004-10-24 19:50:47 ET

Oooh... you need to check out that album as soon as possible.

And I don't think I have heard a band that has touched me like Sigur Ros has. I don't need to understand the literal translation... I just need to hear the power in the atmosphere and vocals. They are "aural geniuses."

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