I love Rage Against the Machine...
2004-11-15 21:38:04 ET

I have been listening to every Rage song I own for the last month now and I just feel so empowered for some reason. It's strange... but it seems like this band is just calling out to me. I mean I have loved them since the beginning and when I was a Freshman in Highschool I traded my favorite Everclear CD for Evil Empire on a bus ride to a track meet.

I have also been writing a lot of songs that somewhat resemble an early Rage-like style. I like it and yet I don't... before it was Incubus... now it's Rage... there's a strange sort of terror in thinking what it will be next... haha... here's a small part of a piece I wrote...

"Bring me back to the times when we knew when to negotiate and when to attack... when I believed in everything... now I'm disillusioned with my ideals a black background to morality's corruptions plaguing me... I'm asleep at the controls and the sign says the nightmares will never end... if I break it and bend it at the corners maybe this will be easier to swallow than to begin again... can I adopt a nature of optimism to allow another chance or is this already at a loss... spitting these words for the fallen, the hollow, the star-crossed"

2004-11-19 13:59:30 ET

What you said reminded me of this guy I know who loves rage againest the machine, they are a good band. I like what you wrote.
You have a talent with words.


2004-11-19 19:04:43 ET

Well thank you very much... I wrote another that is also a bit political that I might post... I'm debating it right now.

I like that you think they are a good band... it's either people like them or they hate them.

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