I'm such a loser...
2004-11-19 23:35:09 ET


I feel like a criminal... like I should be dragged out and shot for this disgrace of a conclusion. WHY in my right mind would I ever like this pop shit from a girl like Kelly Clarkson?!? I mean am I right or what... I can't stand this insanity but I really like the guitar effects the writers used and the words... and then Kelly's voice... ACH!!!

This makes me want to be a studio musician so I could listen to this power pop stuff like this and say things like "Yup... I played guitar on that shit and got paid like $20,000 plus 5% of the total profit."

Not a bad deal... but probably not one that studio musicians get... but I would cuz I'm a badass. A badass that likes... um... Kelly Clarkson...

Ah hell!!

So yeah... if you are bored and want to laugh at me CLICK HERE.

If I get angry posts about me being a sell-out I don't care... "it's my body i'll do what i want" so sayeth Cartman and so I will say too. Even if I may never recover from this shit.

"Screw you guys I'm goin home."

2004-11-27 20:52:55 ET

haha that's so cute! my biggest guilty pleasure musician is Jason Mraz... my friends laugh at me for it all the bloody time.

2004-11-29 15:02:04 ET

omg haha, that's adorable! avril lavinge wrote that song actually.
everyone has their guilty pleasures. :)


2004-11-29 20:12:48 ET

haha... yeah... i love Jason Mraz... i was actually in Austin seeing Maroon5 and had about 25 people come up to me mistaking me for Jason Mraz... i even had to sign Jason Mraz on a person's ticket so that they could tell their friends that they had met "me".

i heard that she did... i'm wondering if she recorded it also... if so she did a really really good job and probably should have used the song herself.

2004-11-30 10:43:57 ET

aww how funny!! I really wanna see jason mraz... but I could just meet you and lie about it.

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