2005-03-21 12:42:48 ET

Well it was beautiful. I will put up some pictures my uncle took of us Kayaking sometime soon whenever I get them in the mail. But yeah... it was so incredible. Just a whole different world out there... it was the best trip I've taken. I would wake up at 8:00 in the morning. Run for 2 hours up and down the beaches. Get back and eat fruit and drink expresso then get on the bike and ride into Laguna Beach (6 miles each way) and sit on the beach and read my book(Bel Canto). I would go home about 5:00pm and take a relaxing shower and play piano until 7:00 then eat sushi. I loved every second of it. Met cool people. Learned more about my Uncle and my dad and saw my cousin for the first time in 6 years.

It was a good trip.

2005-03-21 13:53:11 ET

wow it sounds like it was amazing.

2005-04-04 17:02:08 ET

Im so jealous of you. My girlfriend and i are going to Cali in June.

2005-04-05 05:43:46 ET

Aww man... don't be jealous. You are going in June... I mean weather is always nice in Cali but during March it was a little more overcast than usual. June is actually one of the better times in the year to visit.

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