2005-05-26 05:20:12 ET

Just got back from New York New York...

fun was had and did and yeah

I want to move there now... so it's a toss up... East or West... take your pick. If I was rich I would so do both.

2005-05-26 05:23:53 ET

go west, things are more expensive east

2005-06-01 10:36:07 ET

That was the original plan from the beginning so yeah... who knows. I may just stay in Texas and trick everybody.

2005-06-06 14:06:29 ET

texas is bad ass

2005-06-17 21:33:57 ET

aww I want to go to new york so bad!!

what are the options out west?

2005-07-13 13:28:12 ET

welcome back from new york.

east or west, both would be amazing.


2005-07-18 17:57:54 ET

Go to new york roots... go and just experience it because it can
t be explained. the west option would most likely be somewhere in the Corona del Mar area or Anaheim... if it was Corona del Mar I would probably work out something with my Uncle to rent a room in his house until I get my own place. When I was in Laguna Beach for Spring Break (which is just a 20 minute bike ride from Corona del Mar) they pretty much told me to come back after college. so yeah.

persephone... I wish I thought that too but 7 years here has made me quite jaded.

ms. rachel... thank you for the welcome back and i'm glad you feel the sameway. i've always enjoyed the ocean and i would love to be able to see either one for extended periods of time in the future so i'm just going to play it by ear.

2005-07-18 20:38:52 ET

I plan on going to new york as soon as I can. it just seems to be one of those places everyone has to go to at least once, ya know? I would positively love to live in san diego. it was my dream to go to college there, but I can't afford that.

I always really want to go to texas... but that's based more on some people I've met from there.

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