My Best Bud
2002-08-26 04:25:29 ET

Well my best friend Stephen is not my friend anymore... he hates me quite a bit right now. After I moved into my dorm I went over to my friend Brian's dorm and he told me about some of the shit stephen had been saying about me and all that crap. You know the saying is "Dicks before chicks" but who follows that philosophy anyways? It's becoming more and more obvious that girls are the main reasons why friendships between guys but put through the blender... I mean shit!! The girl hates Stephen and hadn't been talking to him for the whole summer and he just stops talking to me cuz he finds out that we hang out a lot. I mean what kind of shit is that!! People suck!!

2002-08-26 04:35:41 ET

Saw your dorm pics...those kleenex on your desk are a nice touch :)

2002-08-26 05:27:47 ET

that sucks about you friend. and you're right a lot of friendshops break up because of members of the oppostite sex.. have you tried to talk to your friend and explain what happened? that might help, but i am not sure

2002-08-26 10:18:31 ET

Haha.... thanks... I like kleenex. Well I would but I don't know how to get a hold of him. He's living in Waco at Baylor University and he didn't tell me any way to reach him. I mean... he does have a kind of a good reason to get mad at me(if you look at my earlier journal entry I talk about a certain "best bud's ex-gf") but the fact that he didn't confront me about it at all or even let on the hint that it bothered him and he just left for college and dropped our friendship over something that could have easily been solved really pisses me off.

2002-08-26 11:14:12 ET

i understand that. that sucks. what about contacting the university and trying to contact him through that? if it means that much to you. its not fun or good to lose friendships. i don't know what to say. try writing or calling the university if you really want to talk to him

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