Once Again We Are #1...
2003-03-20 22:00:55 ET

So yeah... we somehow know that we have injured Saddam very badly. Yup yup... Wahoo for us!

But during all this wounding did we ever stop to think "What's going to happen when this is over?" "What are we going to do in Iraq?" I think that the U.S. is going to get burned very badly in the end. This "war"(if you can call a massacre that) can only end badly for us.

I send out a prayer to the soldiers. This isn't their fault...

For something on a lighter note go here:

2003-03-21 05:58:29 ET

When the "war" is over we plan to put into place a "democratic system of government" (puppet government).

Praying for the soldiers??? How bout praying for the starving innocents we are slaughtering?

2003-03-21 07:20:03 ET

I know what we "plan" to do but the past has shown that it doesn't always take place quite like that.

I was trying to prove a point with saying that I pray for the soldiers... this is not their choice... they did not sign up and say "Hey I'm here to go kill some Iraqi women and children." They signed up to "defend" our country and for that I respect everyone of them and will always pray for our armed forces no matter who the dumb shit is that sends them there.

You want me to hang them out to dry like we did in the Vietnam War? and I seriously doubt anyone in the Middle East prayed for the people that died during September 11th... but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. But I respect people that fight for a country full of people that don't respect them and they will always be at the top of my prayers.

2003-03-21 10:48:32 ET

I'd be willing to bet most people enlist for reasons far less noble than you are trying to assert.

and incubus sucks haha

2003-03-21 23:06:13 ET

So what are you trying to say exactly? The people that fight for us are all BAD cuz they fight for money? Or they fight so they can attend college? Not everyone is as well off as I am or you are you know? Not everyone can go to school to be a Cartoonist... which I might add is a cool dream job but something I'd keep as a hobby so as to not sell my soul to the devil which is television and Hollywood... Not everyone is raised to question their leaders' or to pursue intellectual gain... you have no right to judge anyone for you have no clue what they have gone through. All I can say is that I'd rather be a soldier in the Army and know my place in the world rather then be a pretentious college brat thinking he's all intelligent because he's pursuing a "higher" learning off of daddy's paycheck and still have no real location on the pyramid of things... I am blessed to have the life that I have but I do not feel better than everyone else because of that.

and for your information incubus is by far one of the greatest bands out there right now. Have you ever taken time out of your busy schedule to even listen to any of their stuff?

2003-03-22 20:43:34 ET

Yes I have douchefriend. The "science" album was less of a disgrace than "make yourself" (which was total shit). The fact is that they are cookie cutter corporate rock, and if you're so principled about "selling out to the devil", you wouldn't think they were so great.

I put myself through college.
My dad was a marine, i was not raised to question ANYTHING.
My families' total yearly income was 38,000 growing up (not poor but not rich either).

You assume too much, meathead.

oh, and donnie darko is a "deep movie" for shallow people.

Why don't you quit trying to be arty with your watered down mainstream shit and actaully dig into stuff that's new and original.

2003-03-22 20:49:17 ET

and you should get some more topless pics dude.. yum!

2003-03-22 22:56:42 ET

Who do you think you are? Calling me a meathead. I didn't assume anything... you were the one who did the assuming in the first place. Oh and Incubus became the corporate standard dumbass. This cookie cutter nonsense is complete crap... you self - proclaimed music critics think you are so awesome and cutting edge cuz you buy from the bargain bin. Congrats on leading a "cookie cutter" existence of trying to feign interest in the new trend of bucking society's norms! You are SO different. And get it through your thick skull that I am not trying to be "deep" or "artsy". I just like what I like... I don't try poke and prod like you do, calling me shallow. That's just something people say to make them feel better about the fact that they don't have any friends. Gives you reasons for not hanging out with the rest of the human race... more power to you man! I should stop listening to my watered down mainstream stuff so I can be just like you!! Wow!! That would make me different.

Oh... and before I forget... thank you Cathartic for your words of wisdom. I will definately take that to heart when deciding on my next addition to my gallery.

You guys waste too much of my time.

2003-03-22 23:03:50 ET

Well nobody MADE you sign up for this account dude.

2003-03-22 23:04:05 ET


I dont buy from the bargain bin. I usually shop for used 7" and picturedisks as well as bsides and rare bootlegs


2003-03-22 23:14:22 ET

Dude, Incubus Created the standard for blowing ass.

They are fucking horrible

2003-03-22 23:17:06 ET

Naw dude, they were the FIRST rock band ever to incorporate....


oh wait, they are just an amalglam of a bunch of OTHER WATERED DOWN POP ACTS!

2003-03-22 23:17:23 ET

I know... I chose to cuz I like it. But there should be a little warning label with your picture on it for people like me.

Oh and thanks for clearing that up... that answers tons of burning questions I have had.

2003-03-22 23:20:04 ET

Haha sorry you cant handle the HEAT d00d.

Maybe they should have a picture of yer bad ass WIFEBEATER for guys like me?

And I didn't know anyone ACTUALLY liked sugarcult.. Thanks for educating me in the ways of the world!

2003-03-22 23:22:30 ET

Doom: Hahahaha... and Industrial didn't?!? What exactly is industrial anyways? Please tell me some band that is industrial that actually sounds different from any other.

Where did you come from anyways?

2003-03-22 23:23:18 ET

It must be hard to tell the difference between anything when your two favorite bands are incubus and t00l.

2003-03-22 23:24:39 ET

I can handle whatever you give d00d. Oh... and I'm glad you took a liking to that one. But be warned... I am completely heterosexual.

2003-03-22 23:25:52 ET

d00d I can tell yer straight cause you wear a wifebeater and board shorts dude. kewl man, lets crank some sugar cult and go surfing yes?

2003-03-22 23:26:34 ET

My other favorite band isn't TooL d00d... it's actually Something Corporate.

Is that okay with you?

2003-03-22 23:27:00 ET



2003-03-22 23:27:44 ET

I would give you examples, but i dont expect you to have heard of anything more than nine inch nails

face it dude, you are nothing but a product of what Mtv feeds you.

2003-03-22 23:28:09 ET

Dude, i totally respect you as a musician, a critic, and a person....

And the proud owner of a wifebeater.

2003-03-22 23:28:13 ET

HAHAHA... I wish I could surf d00d. But if I did I'd crank some Zebrahead... that's surfing style.

How are the waves over there in Cali?

2003-03-22 23:29:09 ET

probably too much for your wife beater to take

2003-03-22 23:29:26 ET

But Doom, MTV provides quality programming!!

I mean... Did you SEE the new MuDvAyNe VIDEO???


2003-03-22 23:30:52 ET

No i was busy watching New found glory on Much music

2003-03-22 23:32:11 ET

Whoa stop the headlines on that one!! HAHAHA... a product of what MTV feeds me?!?! Oh and how do you feel about Johnny Cash's cover of NIN "Hurt"?

Oh and thank you once again Cathartic.

2003-03-22 23:32:54 ET

"My eyes have seen so little for me to be this sad

My eyes have seen so much for me to be this mad

Confusion grips my brain

A little echo of hate

Of my many mistakes

The essence of fear left yet to tame

Is the rock on my back weighing me down

So still in the dark depths of being sane"

dude we should back off, he's a motha fuckin POET


2003-03-22 23:34:53 ET

actually it sucks ass.

but then again so do nine inch nails.

then again

so does incubus

2003-03-22 23:34:59 ET

one word: priceless

2003-03-22 23:35:14 ET

Ouch man... that was not so nice... making fun of my natural therapy.

I'm going to cry.

2003-03-22 23:35:22 ET

And sugar cult, and somthing corporate, and your wifebeater.

2003-03-22 23:36:55 ET

In the words of brilliant beat poet, Cellardoor:

"Cuz I never want to be ignorant and naive like you

I don't want to die blind and broken like you

Look into my eyes"

it really speaks me sould dude

2003-03-22 23:38:22 ET

gewd poetry d00d!!!

2003-03-22 23:40:47 ET

You guys like it?!?!


Cuz I wrote it just for you!!!!!!!

2003-03-22 23:42:19 ET

r u sure u didn't write it for your tortured soul?

2003-03-22 23:42:39 ET

naw dude i think he's sad cause his wifebeater is too tight

2003-03-22 23:43:27 ET

And what did my wife beater ever do to you guys?


It just wanted a friend.

2003-03-22 23:44:49 ET

I have a question: what the fuck is subkultural about you? You are obviously someone who completely buys into mainstream CULTURE CULTURE. This site is for people who are COUNTER CULTURE. THerefore people who are anti YOU.

Hence this huge post where we all sit and mock you.

and wifebeaters are lame and stupid and for pansies

2003-03-22 23:45:38 ET

I only hate yer wifebeater cause i want to see your hot nipples!

2003-03-22 23:48:04 ET

jackson dude, quit sucking up to this kid and rip on him

2003-03-22 23:48:39 ET

Wait?!?! Are you saying that I'm not supposed to be here? d00d what is so counter culture about you? It looks like you just fit in nicely with the asshole bunch of people that are plagueing this world like a virus.

You guys can mock all you want but you aren't going to do anything other than waste another sleepless night when you could have been torturing some other soul.

Oh and thanks for adding me to your buddies :D

2003-03-22 23:50:57 ET

all you have to do is read cath's journal to see why he belongs here

2003-03-22 23:51:36 ET

shut up

2003-03-22 23:51:56 ET

Well what is counter culture about me is that I dont operate in or really support the mainstream culture as far as art and expression goes, whereas you sport anything that top 40 radio stations cram down your throat while your bleaching your tips or hanging out at the tanning booth.

Nice try at a zing, buddy. Better luck next time.

2003-03-22 23:56:30 ET

Hahaha... You act like you know me but you don't. Nice little stereotype there but I have neither dyed nor seen the inside of a tanning booth buddy...

Hey are those mutton chops real?!?! or are they just unreal... like the rest of you?!?!

2003-03-22 23:57:33 ET

probably realer than the music you listen to

2003-03-22 23:58:38 ET


hahhahahhaha... i bet they are

2003-03-23 00:00:38 ET

i had those chops, but i'm growing a beard now.

i can go find the digital cam and take a pic if you want

2003-03-23 00:00:46 ET

im sorry,

i bow before your wife beating grammar superiority

2003-03-23 00:02:01 ET

Hey cellar door is your hair REALLY that stupid looking?

2003-03-23 00:05:33 ET

It's okay... I believe you with the beard and all. But if you have a topless one you should post it anyways... Doom has a penchant for those.

Okay... the whole wifebeater thing was funny for about 5 minutes and now it's just pissing me off...

It's not my fault I choose not to be ignorant like you but also... when you are degrading someone you probably should proofread before you send it.

Just a side note... okay carry on with the taunting....


2003-03-23 00:06:03 ET


and this kid rips on MY chops

what a pussy

2003-03-23 00:07:11 ET

It really is!!!!!!

I like your glasses Mr. Pritt... they are nice.

2003-03-23 00:07:23 ET

DO you REALLy look that pansy in a wifebeater in real life ??

2003-03-23 00:08:39 ET

HAHAHAHA... Cathartic man... what are you doing posting a link to pictures of my dorm room on my journal page...

a little redundant don't you think?

2003-03-23 00:09:11 ET

Who are you paperdoll?

2003-03-23 00:09:56 ET

not really... it's much funnier than telling them to search the page dork...

anyway, your sideburns still suck.

2003-03-23 00:11:21 ET

I'm sorry you all have to gang up on me at the wee hours of the morning... that kind of makes me a little counter culture of my own doesn't it Doom?

2003-03-23 00:11:29 ET

Hey, IM the ony who likes the topless ones you retard fukhead

2003-03-23 00:12:13 ET

Oh yes, i love mishapen crosseyed preppy losers who cant handle their alcohol

post all the pics you want mmm mmm mmm

2003-03-23 00:12:16 ET

whoops i mean Cathartic... you guys are just too alike

2003-03-23 00:13:00 ET

no actually it just makes you out of place and lame

2003-03-23 00:13:00 ET

haha yeahh

i'm just like doom man, we could be twins.

the only reason you think we're the same is because we both think you are a TOOOOL

2003-03-23 00:13:19 ET

i'm your crumbling self confidence..and your pathetic tear stained beater

2003-03-23 00:13:35 ET

Hey!!! I think he's a tool too!

2003-03-23 00:14:02 ET

Sorry jackson, i'll remember to include you next time

2003-03-23 00:15:01 ET

tool is far to good word to describe this pathetic fool

2003-03-23 00:15:39 ET

Did you read how much I drank? My BAC was a .27 ... I'm lucky to be alive let alone taking shit from you guys.

2003-03-23 00:15:56 ET

how about dinkus?

2003-03-23 00:16:11 ET

wow paper. yer a better poet without even trying

2003-03-23 00:16:21 ET

dude, we don't give a fuck how much you drank you wanker

2003-03-23 00:16:40 ET

HAHAHA... I'm a tool... awesome...

2003-03-23 00:17:20 ET

I believe she said you weren't good enough to be a tool.

2003-03-23 00:17:26 ET

Ok let me rephrase it then:

Oh yes, i love mishapen crosseyed preppy losers who dont know when to stop with their alcohol

post all the pics you want mmm mmm mmm

2003-03-23 00:17:38 ET

goddamn your a few fries short of a happy meal buddy aren't ya ??

2003-03-23 00:21:03 ET

Hey Cellardoor: start fighting back again. This is way more fun when you try to rip on us.

2003-03-23 00:21:47 ET

Yeah!! What are you some kind of pussy?

2003-03-23 00:22:54 ET

Hey lets make peace dude, crank up some 311 and throw off our wifebeaters man!

2003-03-23 00:23:03 ET

he's to busy washing the tears from his pussy wifebeater

2003-03-23 00:28:11 ET

I'm sorry... all 5 of you are just too much to keep up with but I'll try my best.

#1. All of you are just angry at me cuz I have shown hands down during this whole episode that I am by far much more intelligent and mature than all of you combined. Mr. Pritt couldn't handle me by himself so he had to call in the Rat Pack to help him out.

#2. Cathartic is just mad at the fact that he has no friends except for an online girlfriend that shows an interest for coloring in pictures of themselves using Microsoft Paint... I give you an A+ for creativity and just being an all around kick ass d00d.

#3. I am sorry that you are lashing out on me... a person who has never maliciously harassed you online... Stop taking your insecurities out on me.

Do I need to go on?

2003-03-23 00:29:37 ET

i think you do !!

2003-03-23 00:31:44 ET

A. You have not shown anything resembling intellegence.

B. My girlfriend was at my house less than an hour ago.

C. We are just having fun ripping on you, we are obviously not going for mature.

D.We are harassing you because you are stupid and lame, not because you are mean.

Direct me to your biting wit? All i've seen is "hahaha good one dude" out of you. Except when you attacked my sideburns.

Oh and her cartoon self was done in photoshop not paint douchebag.

2003-03-23 00:32:31 ET

But Cathartic I will say that you have a good taste in music... Anthrax and Saves the Day to say the least. I salute you on that.

2003-03-23 00:34:23 ET

what an ass kisser... are oyu gonna try to get on your knees for him to ? goddamn

2003-03-23 00:34:31 ET

compliments on taste comming from someone who has none


im sure that means so much to him

2003-03-23 00:36:29 ET


2003-03-23 00:36:50 ET

Friend, I'm not going to try to prove to you that I'm intellegent (which I am) by telling you about my 147 IQ or my 1580 SATs... because that would be pointless.

However: if you would have read the site charter, or terms of service you would have realized that YOU DO NOT BELONG HERE. You have NO subcultural affiliation of any kind. READ THE FUCKING ADDRESS BAR!

Oh and guess what, not only am I cooler than you, and smarter than you, but I am guessing I'm a way better musician than you, being that it is my field of study. I'm guessing due to your limited exposure to the wide world of music that you are also a no talent hack without an original idea in your thick, lopsided skull.

Need I say more?

2003-03-23 00:40:31 ET

My life started becoming stupid and lame the second I decided to waste my time with you people. Tell me one thing you have said during this that has been intelligent... all I can hear is "I am mad cuz all during highschool the jocks and preps all made fun of me and all my present friends think I'm a pretentious freak who listens to music with no substantial value rather than to scream about not being able to eat their ice cream after dessert."

Oh and Paperdoll... It's too bad that allied yourself with these ingrates. You seem semi-interesting in a purely goth kind of way.

Okay... waiting... while I am up I better just stay up... gotta wake up early anyways.

2003-03-23 00:43:00 ET

I was the captain of the tennis team my senior year dude, I'm not too worried about "jocks" or "preps". Nobody harassed or fucked with me. Nobody.

If you actually heard most of the bands on my band list, you'd probably like them. They are interesting in their instrumentation and arrangement, or in band concept. And alot of them are just tough rock bands that fuck shit up. But of course you're more into that pseudo-sensitive rap funk rock MTV bullshit, now aren't you?

2003-03-23 00:44:25 ET

Dont you see? your music has ZERO substance.

none at all!

its all pre-packaged garbage.

you have no taste, and you wouldnt know a goth if she were putting her cloves out in your mouth.

2003-03-23 00:46:11 ET

It's true.

2003-03-23 00:47:07 ET

Yeah, FUCK YOU !

2003-03-23 00:47:25 ET

and your cross eyed face too !!

2003-03-23 00:48:27 ET

paperdoll is sooooo goth

2003-03-23 00:48:48 ET

Whoa!! Let me hold a moment of silence for the repeated obscenity being sent from Mr. Pritt... And Cathartic.... You are no friend of mine so please refrain from using buddy and other words with similar connotations. And you should also know that standardized tests are no true tool of describing one's intelligence. That's a mass culture kind of thing... which you are against. And please continue posting Doom... you make me laugh the most.

And while we are quoting from the rules...
Rule #2
Respect other members, don't act like a jackass. Understand that there may be people on this site that you don't like and don't get along with. You are expected to act civil to one another.


2003-03-23 00:49:12 ET

ya man i am, im like hardcore...I am as fucking GOTH AS IT IS !!! HAH

2003-03-23 00:49:36 ET


If I'm against the culture and I can still ace it's stupid tests, I must be smart, huh?

2003-03-23 00:50:23 ET

jesus. Just because you sleep on a substandard thesaurus doesn't make ya smarter, Buddy!

2003-03-23 00:51:22 ET

Your just mad because i expose your music for what it is.

absolutley nothing

2003-03-23 00:51:40 ET

hahahha yeahhhh

2003-03-23 00:51:44 ET


2003-03-23 00:52:16 ET

But Carson Daly told him it was original!

2003-03-23 00:53:15 ET

and your pretentious wifebeater too !!

2003-03-23 00:54:23 ET

So what else is stupid about you... Let me look at your journal for a bit and i'll get back to you.

2003-03-23 00:54:44 ET

MTV says I can't be black and GOTH.. so I am alone. It's ok to be yourself as long as you are yourself and not a carbon copy of the mainstream society feeding off of their unoriginality. I feel your pain "brotha" you have to excuse these peeps. They are always like that.. and always grabbing my large booty as well.

oh wait I am not really goth. i am psuedo goth.. hum.

2003-03-23 00:55:20 ET

hahahahaha... who are you Loki? now this is fair huh? what does it take? 6 of you?!?!

Go tennis and you have no idea what kind of music I write... Go GOTH!! Go Mr. Pritt again... he's letting his teen buddies do all the work! Go... ehhhhh... I guess go you doom... what have you really said in the last 30 minutes? All I can translate from your soundbites have been "you don't belong and I don't like incubus"...

2003-03-23 00:55:36 ET

you know you love it vasa

2003-03-23 00:56:34 ET

Large booty.

2003-03-23 00:56:43 ET


every single band you say you like blows goats.

just incubus stands out as the worst

2003-03-23 00:56:45 ET

your a "teen" to you dipshit

2003-03-23 00:56:51 ET

Pfft. I just couldn't let them have all the fun.

2003-03-23 00:56:54 ET

on the original subject.. alot of people join the military for the money. Only a handful do it for the pleasure of serving their country. I joined becuase I felt like I had to earn my right to complain about the nation.. and I wanted more money too :P

2003-03-23 00:58:59 ET

Hey dawg: I read your horrible fucking lyrics. I know what kind of music you write. By the way, i'm not his "teen buddy". I started flaming you cause you're a douche. I'm also older than you, so ditch the attitude chachi.

2003-03-23 01:00:09 ET

you have about the same amount of intellect as a broken twig

2003-03-23 01:00:14 ET

Hey dork face, I didnt' tell them to come! I dont know these people! And it doesn't TAKE 6 of us to do anything. I guess it seems that all 6 of us united in thinking that you are a dum dum!

2003-03-23 01:01:05 ET

Well vasa... the original subject was just the fact that I said I was going to pray for the troops in Iraq. That's all.

What kind of music do I write playa?

2003-03-23 01:02:26 ET

oh god, don't start going all wickide-wack-im-black-core now...

2003-03-23 01:03:36 ET

I'm glad you found something to unite your petty little lives around.

2003-03-23 01:03:50 ET

of course he is. He listens to Outkast

2003-03-23 01:04:01 ET

I'm sure it's inspired by the horrible bands you like.

I read your lyrics, your ideas are worthless. Low rent incubus ripoff bullshit. If your lyrics are THAT BAD how could your music be good?


2003-03-23 01:05:16 ET

Hey I'm over 100 replies!! Wahoo... celebration time... oh and I guess you guys are all too much of assholes to know that it's my 19th birthday today.

Happy Birthday to me!!

2003-03-23 01:05:55 ET

why don't you go into a wife beater makeing company, something you enjoy, im sure

2003-03-23 01:07:02 ET

And those aren't lyrics focker... those are just poems I wrote. I don't write lyrics for my songs... just the music.

You should get a hobby other than bothering me.

2003-03-23 01:08:03 ET

but your such an easy target....like you have "flame me" written across your forehead

2003-03-23 01:08:06 ET

What gets me is that you think that music produced for ONLY commercial value has MORE substance than music produced as art... God thats hilarious.

2003-03-23 01:08:29 ET


2003-03-23 01:08:54 ET

Do you have to get up early and go to church dude?

2003-03-23 01:10:57 ET

Happy birthday, i hope someone gets you some good music and a decent wifebeater

2003-03-23 01:11:53 ET

What the hell are you saying now? Commercial value... what?!?! What I don't get is the fact that you of all people are one to judge music you dislike as evil and you have the right to criticize anyone on the music they write. You are what I call a "Starving Artist"... one who tries way too hard to be different.

2003-03-23 01:11:53 ET


2003-03-23 01:13:31 ET

Dude I dont care about being different... I'm not starving, in fact I've been employed in the industry in multiple capacities and i'm still in school. I understand the difference between pop music (music made only to make money) and art. Your music to my music is like a coke billboard to da vinci.

2003-03-23 01:13:31 ET

Actually yes I do choose to get up and go to church in the morning... and I don't wear wife beaters... that was for a stage production my Senior year... and you have no right to judge my music.

2003-03-23 01:14:22 ET

Happy Birthday.. I remember when I Was 19.. I was partying in Malaysia actually. heh. good days.

Incubus does suck though. There sound was midly original in the first album. Outkast has some interesting rhytmic and musical composition. Music is art. Music that is commercialized is not even true music it's just a product.. a means to make money. that's it.

2003-03-23 01:14:52 ET

Dude... you have no right to use da vinci in the same sentence as you let alone think you are a better musician than me.

2003-03-23 01:15:03 ET

i hope someone gives you some some talent, and a wifebeater that says "deputy dipshit" on the front

2003-03-23 01:15:14 ET

I have every right to judge anything I want. If you want to list bands you like, prepare for people to read them.

People who make art and distribute it KNOW their art will be judged. Quit bitching and go wash your wifebeater.

2003-03-23 01:16:29 ET

a) i'm talking about the music we listen to

b) i only think i'm better cause i'm sure you suck

2003-03-23 01:16:57 ET

man i could belch better music then you could ever make in your life

2003-03-23 01:17:25 ET

See... I enjoy the connection I make with incubus lyrics more than I do with any other band. If I wanna go for a more instrumental sound I check out classical and jazz.

Cool... I would like to be in Malaysia rather than be in shitty
Texas right now.

2003-03-23 01:19:11 ET

"a more instrumental sound"

Man, you really don't know shit, do you?

but you should get more into jazz. I preformed as a jazz soloist for a year or so in a big band, it was really fun.

2003-03-23 01:20:09 ET


a) i think your music is the most unmusical kind there is... just senseless noise

b) i think you suck cuz you listen to that music and the fact that you gotta argue about it online... reaffirms the fact that it is actually you who sucks

3. please go post somewhere else paperdoll

2003-03-23 01:20:22 ET

I salute you deputy dipshit !! and I feel so very special that you have singled me out.... how kind of you !

2003-03-23 01:20:49 ET

No, thats my music <3 gerogerigegege and massona

2003-03-23 01:21:00 ET

a) you are arguing too dipshit.

b) you haven't HEARD most of the music I listen to.

c) It's only senseless noise to the dork who can't comprehend it.

2003-03-23 01:22:03 ET

your dick is small

2003-03-23 01:22:43 ET

and you have one ball

2003-03-23 01:22:58 ET

Alright... I am so tired right now... I have been at a music festival all weekend... I don't have the patience to deal with you all any longer.

2003-03-23 01:23:19 ET


2003-03-23 01:23:22 ET

Texas is shitty but it's ok. I am in Killeen. Malaysia was not that great anyways..

true musicianship is becoming technically proficient at your instrument in all styles and feels and time signatures. Once you accomplish that you can then bring them all together to create new styles or layer other styles together. I know I am a proffesional musician. You can be original and different and still make money you have to know how to play it well so it doesn't stand out too much or how you can turn something traditional into somethin untraditional and a somewhat original concept :D

2003-03-23 01:23:56 ET


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