2003-03-23 01:29:16 ET

I am now 19!! Gosh... never thought I'd be so thankful to see today. I'd like to say thank you to the 6 funloving subkulture-ites that made it so special.

Wahoo... I am going to church in 3 hours... not cuz I am forced but cuz I choose to!!

Bash me all you want... I will never leave.

2003-03-23 01:30:26 ET

I want you to stay forever!

2003-03-23 01:31:06 ET

Me too!!!!

2003-03-23 01:31:25 ET


happy birthday!

2003-03-23 01:31:32 ET

i'd like to say a big fat fuck you to you !! happy birthday !

2003-03-23 01:32:04 ET

Happy birthday smegmaboy! stay!

2003-03-23 02:11:31 ET

seriously..happy bday

2003-03-23 14:55:32 ET

*bashes cellardoor*

2003-03-23 15:29:56 ET


2003-03-23 17:34:24 ET

Thanks dok... you can join the crew in the fight against me. You guys should try and get more people... it would be a lot more fun!!


2003-03-23 17:36:51 ET

your a dork

2003-03-23 17:49:36 ET

I'll keep that in mind Doom while I ignore your stupidity by not lowering myself to your musical shitheap you call variety. You close minded bigots are the curse of the earth with your categories and your mindless opinions based solely on the fact that you think you have the right to judge anyone's musical expression based on how the rest of the world looks at them.

Oh and you mean "you're"....

okay I am done for the day... it is my birthday and I have a paper due.

2003-03-23 17:54:17 ET


and i have every right to judge because the fact is, i listen to more differant kinds of music than you have ever even heard of, i could go on for hours on how much more meaningful all the music i listen to is than your stupid pop rock garbage, but i wont.

the fact is if you want to get into a who listens to a bigger variety of music contest, i would crush your pansy ass.

2003-03-23 18:02:25 ET


I could list so much music it would make your headspin dipshit. I just listed the ones I enjoy the most. SO WHAT IF WHAT I LISTEN TO IS POP ROCK TO YOU? Last time I checked you listed about last on my "give a shit" meter. And all your musical likes seem to stay in one typical area along with all the rest of you people. Atleast I enjoy music from all different spectrums...

hit me with your best shot...

2003-03-23 18:04:59 ET

then do it.

make my head spin poser

2003-03-23 18:06:49 ET

Dude... you were the one to call me out.

Don't be a pussy and wait for me to hold the door open for you like a bitch...

2003-03-23 18:08:02 ET

how you want it?

by genre?

just a list of bands?

2003-03-23 18:08:20 ET

surprise me

2003-03-23 18:08:35 ET

i'll follow suite however you like it

2003-03-23 18:09:48 ET

name a genre

2003-03-23 18:11:14 ET


2003-03-23 18:16:27 ET

Well since you are taking so long I'll edumicate you...

A Tribe Called Quest
N.E.R.D. (No one Ever Really Dies)
Jay Z
Nelly (sometimes)

That's for what's on the tip of my tongue... you want me to think any harder?

2003-03-23 18:20:03 ET

how mainstream of you.

Easy E
Snoop Dog
50 cent
Puff Daddy
Tribe called quest
the roots
the ghetto boys
the delinquents
red man
LL cool J
Cool Keith
Public Enemy
Consolidated (one of my faves)
Bone Thugs
KRS one
kurtis blow
Grand master flash
Notorious BIG
The Beastie Boys
The Lame ass ICP
J Quest
Ja Rule
queen latifa

that should be enough for now

ok your turn


2003-03-23 18:22:18 ET

Just to further prove my point...

Black Eyed Peas
The Roots
Busta Rhymes
Beastie Boys
Jurassic 5

anyone else?

2003-03-23 18:23:34 ET

Yes me i said techno

and i still have more rap artists listed than you

2003-03-23 18:29:43 ET

Model 500
Juan Atkins
Plastik Man
DJ Nosferatu
Dj Outblast
Dj Tron
Dj Scot
Armageddon Project
Negative A
Lords Of Acid
Praga Kahn
C+C Music Factory
Kid 606
Knife Hand Chop
Laziest Men On Mars
303 Infinity
Electric Indigo
Hollands Hardest
Dj Hell
T 1000
Alter Ego

2003-03-23 18:29:55 ET

hmmm... i never really enjoyed much of 50 cent and Missy is not my favorite... but Timbaland is by far one of the best so anything he touches in the studio is incredible. ODB is to my knowledge now called Lil' Baby Jesus... so yeah... can't say that I really listen to any of his stuff. Now Nas is awesome... I enjoy him very much. I never liked ICP... but are we doing rap rock also?!?

Oh yeah... I severely dislike Ja Rule ever since he started doing all this J Lo crap. And Wu Tang is highly overrated period... but Method is good and Red is alright. Nothin too great...

Am I doing okay?

2003-03-23 18:30:30 ET

to tell the truth ive never really liked ja-rule all too much
and icp was only "rap rock" in the last 2 albums (not to nit pick)

so ya wanna keep going or have i embarrassed you yet?

2003-03-23 18:33:38 ET

Hahahaha... it looks like you just copy pasted a bunch of artists. And Lords of Acid last time I checked is more of Rap Rock... I'm just talkin Rap but if you wanna get into that we can.

2003-03-23 18:34:20 ET

lords of acid is techno numb nuts
just like all the other artists i named in that last post

and if i had cut and paste from a list it would have been much quicker and in Alphabetical order

2003-03-23 18:44:06 ET

dude... don't try that "lords of acid is techno" shit... they are more rap rock than anything else. Using a DJ doesn't make you techno limp dick.

But yeah we are going to have to do this some other time... i am busy now. I actually have a life.

2003-03-23 18:45:36 ET

fine another time.

but have you even heard lords of acid you dipshit?
they are not fucking rap rock.
they are sleaze techno with an occasional guitar.
and if not techno then acid house

but they arent rap, and they sure as fuck aint rock

2003-03-23 18:52:28 ET

yes I have fuck nut... my favorite of theirs is Cybersex and it does have a lot of the elements of techno but not as much Rap in it... I guess my definition is a little more different than yours. I was just giving you the benefit of the doubt.

2003-03-23 18:54:26 ET

Haha... so you decided to use them on a Rap list?!?! Their rap encompasses maybe "I wanna see your pussy" and the chorus of that is more rock than anything else.

But anyways I am out.

2003-03-23 19:00:32 ET

read the list numb nuts!




2003-03-23 19:16:01 ET

jesus fucking christ building a hotrod. You my friend are a grade A moron. LoA is fucking techno

2003-03-23 19:51:11 ET

Um.. that chick in lords of acid never rapped in her fucking life you retard.

Hey Cellar door what "category" am I in? I never stated I was in one... I dont list one anywhere on this site.

When you come back, lets talk about rock music.

By the way: listing every shitty rap group you know doesn't make you 1337 douchebag.

2003-03-23 19:54:31 ET

My top rock bands (might be some stuff other than rock in here, but it's mostly just rock)

mission of burma,
sleater Kinney,
babes in toyland,
L7, saves the day,
the cure,
joy division,
the smiths,
alkaline trio (only the goddamnit EP)
the birthday party,
the dictators,
the swans
the deadboys,
stiff little fingers
the damned,
the ramones,
the sex pistols,
the dead kennedys,
minor threat,
blue tip,
dismemberment plan,
government issue,
gorilla biscuits,
the refused,
from autumn to ashes,
planes mistaken for stars,
regulator watts,
teen idles,
egg hunt,
rites of spring,
operation ivy,
pedro the lion,
the silver jews,
trembling blue stars,
american football,
joan of ark,
morning silence,
get up kids,,
face to face,
clair de lune,
mission of burma,
black flag,
cheap trick,
adam and the ants,
the oxes,
stormtroopers of death,
metallica (first 2-3 albums),
a.f.i. (some),
remembering never,
bad brains,
dropkick murphys,
social distortion,
the cro mags,
the templars,
the pixies,
sunny day real estate,
smashing pumpkins ,
murder city devls,
iggy pop,
the stooges,
the small faces,
the nuggests,
the adicts,
the descendent,
angelic upstarts,
q and not u,
song of zarathustra,
bad religion.
nation of Ulysses,
modest mouse
shellac , big black,
zodiac killers.,
elvis presley,
the kings men,
sham 69
recess theory
the clash,
dandy warhols,
uk subs,
man or astro man,
velvet underground,
flaming lips,
further seems forever (sometimes),
june of 44,
cat power,
room 101,
belle and Sebastian,
the arsonists,
earth crisis,
depeche mode,
duran duran,
iron cross,
american football,
joan of arc,
my bloody valentine,
the necromatics,
the cramps,
throbbing gristle,
Bauhaus, culture clubs,
cocteau twins,
thrill kill kult,
lou reed,
jesus and the mary chain,
dinosaur junior,
radiohead (LIMITED),
the boredoms,
melt bananna,
the locust,
christian death,
billy idol,
tom waits,
jon spencer blues explosion,
violent femmes,
blonde redhead,
hot snakes,
american steel,
drive like jehu,
guitar wolf,
kid dynamite,
regulator watts,
race bannon,
jets to brazil,
le shok,
les savy fav,
naked raygun,
all scars,
arab on radar,
the breeders,
built to spill,
neutral milk hotel,
godspeed you black emporer,
the halo benders,
icarus line,
jejune, low,
form of rocket,
small brown bike,
sonic youth,
youth brigade,
slant 6,
Henry Rollins,
the paper chase,
uk subs,
page 99
forstella ford
frank black
since 1951 (best melodic hardcore band ever)
sisters of mercy



2003-03-23 20:08:08 ET

Wu tang is overrated?? You like eminem and WU TANG is overrated??? WHAT THE FUCK. Wu Tang was the hard assed east coast shit dude. Tough as fuck. 36 chambers is RAW.

Dude you just aren't tough. You're a weak pussy kid into weak pussy tunes. Thats really all there is too it.

2003-03-23 20:08:57 ET

Joy division,
The Cult,
The Damned,
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks,
Sonic Youth,
Love and Rockets,
Iggy Pop,
The Dead Boys,
The Dwarves,
Sham 69
Flux of Pink Indians,
Dillenger Escape Plan,
Siouxsie and the banshees,
The Cure, Bauhaus,
Sisters of Mercy,
Big Black,
The Ramones,
Thrill Kill Kult,
Rape Man,
The Jesus and Mary Chain,
Echo and the Bunnymen,
Die Kreuzen,
Rites of Spring,
Nation of Ulysses,
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry,
The Smiths,
Commander Venus,
The Faint (if you can consder that rock),
Planes Mistaken for stars,
Neutral milk hotel,
black heart procession,
From Autumn to Ashes,
the cruxshadows(very limited),
London after midnight,
The Boredoms,
Peter Murphy,
Clan of Xymox,
The Mission UK,
The Chameleons UK,
Kmfdm, Pigface,
Drive Like Jehu,
The Clash,
Leftover crack,
Aus Rotten (limited),
Bright eyes,
Cat Power,
David Bowie,
The Birthday party
Rollins Band
Bad Religon
Sleater Kinney
Dark Funeral
Celtic frost
Rainer maria
Modest Mouse
the Swans
Cradle of filth
Slayer (Limited)
further seems forever
The Residents
Babes in Toyland
The Dead Kennedies
Minor threat
The Sex Pistols
The Creatures
Lydia Lunch
Add n to X
the cocteau twins
eight eyed spy
The refused
Christian Death
Alien Sex fiend
Rudimentari Peni
The Misfits (Limited)
The Plasmatics

i think thats enough for now

2003-03-23 20:13:42 ET

i like rammstein

2003-03-23 20:51:21 ET

hey number one... yes i forgot that you started to list techno bands... my bad... i apologize for the misunderstanding Doom... and you know tons more of that than me. But Rock band wise...

saves the day
all-american rejects
local h
Get Up Kids
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Our Lady Peace
The White Stripes
Korn (some)
Linkin Park (some)
David Bowie
POLICE and Sting solo stuff
A New Found Glory
Unwritten Law
Pearl Jam
Bowling For Soup
Blink 182
the USED
Taking Back Sunday
Bif Naked
At the Drive-In
Dashboard (in moderation)
Dave Matthews Band
Trust Company
Good Charlotte (first album)
the Ataris
The Hippos
Bright Eyes
Elvis Costello
the Starting Line
The Juliana Theory
Alien Ant Farm
Marcy Playground
the Strokes (only Is This It)
Stone Temple Pilots
Green Day
Phantom Planet
Jimmy Eat World
Boxcar Racer
System of a Down
the Verve
Eve 6
Monster Magnet
Pete Yorn
Violent Femmes
Third Eye Blind
Rollins Band
For Love Not Lisa
Tears for Fears
the Cure

And that's all I got off of my head... and yes Mr. Music Major you know a lot more bands than I do. Congratulations you have won.

Okay well anyways back to my paper I must finish... you think we could stop this sometime soon.

2003-03-23 21:01:43 ET

wow, my head is spinning.

oh wait.

it isnt

2003-03-23 21:02:24 ET

Hoobastank's best song is "Up and Gone" so blow it out your ass!!

the USED are awesome... best song "Greener with the Scenery"

and Eve 6's best is "Leech".

2003-03-23 21:02:37 ET

My head is spinning because i'm laughing so hard that the oxygen isn't getting to my fuckign brain

2003-03-23 21:03:21 ET

Dude i didn't realize how many shitty mainstream crap bands there are!!! you must've named EVERY BAND on Mtv hahaha.

that's fucking amazing!

2003-03-23 21:07:47 ET

tom waits?!?!?! hahahhahahhahahahahhaaa.... what album?

he's a weird dude... my dad listens to him... the Heart of Saturday Night is the best one I have heard from him

2003-03-23 21:08:55 ET

Hey... just because I liked them and then everyone else started to like them doesn't make me a bad person whatsoever... you are such an asshole... how can your girlfriend stand you?

2003-03-23 21:10:24 ET

awesome if i had wanted your opinion i would of asked doom

2003-03-23 21:11:31 ET

I love tom waits too.

I treat my girlfriend like a queen.
She's also mean.

People tend to like me MORE for being a dickhead.

Dude, it's nothing personal, I just think that you've got it all wrong when it comes to the way you approach art. Just my opinion man...

Well that and I'm obviously just way cooler than you.

but that wifebeater looks mighty sexy today

2003-03-23 21:14:16 ET

dude reading the convo doesn't flow as well when you delete posts.. what's the point?

2003-03-23 21:16:40 ET

You are kind of likeable as a dick but I am open to my own opinion on art and such. That's what makes art art... people see it in different ways... like I see art through music as more of the lyrics and music melding together to leave the listener with a feeling of connection... that's what makes music so enjoyable.

2003-03-23 21:18:23 ET

Cathartic... I just don't like Doom busting in and using my post to express his opinions when I have no respect for him whatsoever. Whereas I'm okay with you thinking that you are showing me up every which way.

2003-03-23 21:18:53 ET

how can you call it art when the labels destroy the songs before they ever reach your ears?

They take out whatever isnt PC, run it thru focus groups, plan the image for the band, plan the sound for the band, hype the band up your ass and then release it, garunteeing themselves a couple million.

how can you call that art?

2003-03-23 21:23:09 ET

It's strange to me that you consider yourself a musician and you dont care to delve any deeper than that.

most non-musicians I know listen to music for the lyrics. Listen for a melody line to hum along with. That's fine, I enjoy simple songs too, but don't you ever get bored with the same old shit? The reason that alot underground music is underground is because the ideas are ahead of their time, and most casual music listeners don't get it. The fact that you say bands like incubus go "over our head" is just silly.

here's my logic:
any band that has achieved mainstream popularity obviously appeals to at least a small majority of listeners.

Anything that appeals to THAT many people must be incredibly middle of the road (take any class on the music industry, bands are PUSHED HARD by record labels to be middle of the road.)

Any band that is middle of the road is compromising their sound for $$$, which I think is stupid.

Most people are casual music listeneres. True enthusiasts are rare, therefore a band that appeals to most people is probably not as edgy or original, since it's quite obvious that the general masses aren't interested in new ideas or progressive art.

mainstream bands = stale, watered down, and compromised

2003-03-23 21:24:08 ET

ach... dammit!! Any producer from a studio does something that helps create a different sound and changes the artist's rendering of their songs... you just make a choice whether or not to allow it to happen. Every song comes from somewhere in the artist's creativity and the label just pushes what they think will sale. You choose to hate that about all mainstream whereas I embrace it... there's some bands I can't stand that do that and there are some that sound so much better after getting that outside input... you are open to your opinions.

2003-03-23 21:28:05 ET

I'm not talking about studio production.

Bands are pushed by the powers that be to sound a certain way.

I like plenty artists that are popular, but I DONT like artists that are constructed as money making machines.

I dont think you understand what i'm saying.

Alot of these people write songs with the purpose of making money. It has nothing to do with creativity, but only with what they think will sell albums and concert tickets.

Alot of these people dont even write all their own songs.

2003-03-23 21:29:13 ET

I am glad that you have such strong opinions about that but how can you call yourself an artist while you bash me?!? You have never heard the music I write... all you have read is the poetry that I've posted on that website... that's all you know about me.

How can you just jump to conclusions so quickly?

2003-03-23 21:30:18 ET

Your musical influences

2003-03-23 21:30:36 ET

Well I was just sort of insulting you for the hell of it.

I'm assuming you are influenced by the music you listen to, and I dont think you've been exposed to anything that I would consider very good.

Post us a link to your music and I'll give it a fair shot.

2003-03-23 21:30:54 ET

based on your influences.

theres really no way to be anything more than middle of the road, when you look to the middle of the road for inspiration

2003-03-23 21:31:25 ET

See I do understand that... that one about the producers was to Doom first off.

Maybe I like my music cuz I am an idealist and am naive about it all whereas you are all knowing on that grounds. I just know that I write for me and me alone. And that's all I can control.

2003-03-23 21:31:30 ET

that's a good point doom

2003-03-23 21:33:24 ET

I haven't done any recording sorry. But when I do get the courage and the correct band to do so I will totally. I did play bass guitar in a band "Spoken By Fate" and we posted two songs on but I'm not sure if it's on there anymore.

2003-03-23 21:33:36 ET

First off, you can control more than that, otherwise you are weak. Second off, now that you see you're naive, pull the fucking wool from over your eyes

2003-03-23 21:37:06 ET

That's a pretty sad way of looking at it Doom... I think we can use what inspiration we get anyway we like it. Some choose it to be middle of the road as you put it while others user higher roads.

We all have to start somewhere.

2003-03-23 21:37:30 ET

Ok: my statements on spoken by fate

the recording is way drum heavy. The guitars are weak and shapeless. The vocalist is weak as hell, his pitch is bad and his style has no dynamic whatsoever. Guitar tone is shitty and lacks warmth. The bass is weak, doesn't punch at all.

God this singer needs to get turned down, he also needs to work on his cadence.

2003-03-23 21:38:18 ET

Loki... all you can control is yourself.

2003-03-23 21:38:40 ET

what song?

Yeah that was back in Sophomore and Junior year... we never found a true vocalist so we just switched off from guitars.

2003-03-23 21:39:31 ET


2003-03-23 21:40:19 ET

wrong buddy. One can control one's self, environment, way of thinking and existence

2003-03-23 21:41:45 ET

NO... You are wrong buddy... there are always variables in environment and thinking and existence are the samething as self.

2003-03-23 21:41:50 ET

Tied down:

The vocalist sucks again. He's trying to copy the nasal shit rather than find his own voice. The guitars are way too low.. what were you guys thinking? The drummer is a solid beat drummer, but the fact that the guitars are so low and tone-devoid really makes this music sound empty as fuck. I can barely hear your bass, so i can't comment on your part writing or technique.

But if you paid someone for this recording I am truly sorry.

2003-03-23 21:42:27 ET

Emptiness... yeah... that was fun to play though... sorry you didn't like that one.

2003-03-23 21:42:29 ET

I like the heavy drums kinda.

the singer isnt too good.

the guitars are pretty basic

theres not alot to say about it.

(also emptiness)

2003-03-23 21:43:05 ET

Nope... that was all in the drummer's garage.

2003-03-23 21:43:42 ET

man got so far by controlling his environment

2003-03-23 21:45:28 ET

Can you honestly say that we control it all that much... or that we were allowed to?

2003-03-23 21:45:40 ET

Ok good.

Doom: the guitars are mixed too low and are shapeless.

record some of you playing bass with a metronome

2003-03-23 21:47:42 ET

the singers got too much reverb on his voice

2003-03-23 21:52:15 ET

i don't have a metronome and i haven't had my bass for the last two semesters... my parents made me leave it at home along with my acoustic guitar.

2003-03-23 21:53:12 ET

oh man. yer not gonna pull that god crap on me now, are you?

2003-03-23 21:56:14 ET

dude.. you haven't played guitar for almost a whole school year


and you honestly think you're better than me?

i play for hours every day dawg

2003-03-23 21:56:46 ET

Dude... I am not pulling anything on you at all. And it's not "god crap". I am just saying that we control it to a minimum if you can even call it control.

2003-03-23 21:58:01 ET

really? it sounded like you were implying divine intervention to me

2003-03-23 21:58:24 ET

We make thousands of choices a day... i call that a relatively large amount of control.

you just dont see your choices as choices, you assume that you are required to operate under certain rules, which you in actuality are not.

2003-03-23 22:00:11 ET

Length doesn't decide how good you are... it's how you use it effectively. I know plenty of musicians that play everyday that don't amount to jack crap on the sound scale. I never said that I was better than you either... just that you have never heard me play acoustic guitar so you have no idea.

2003-03-23 22:01:41 ET

way to dodge the question bucko!

2003-03-23 22:02:24 ET

I think you must have realized that I'm intellegent by now, as well as highly in tune with music as an artistic outlet. Not to be cocky, but I am technically skilled as well as conceptually strong and theory-educated.

On guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, autoharps, and harmonicas.

2003-03-23 22:03:49 ET

We can make all these choices but the end result is not under our control. I call that minimal control. And the number of choices we get only gives us more of a chance to see how little in control we are.

And yes i was implying divine intervention but it is not "god crap".

2003-03-23 22:05:14 ET

oh man. yer not gonna pull that fate crap on me now, are you?

2003-03-23 22:07:31 ET

Cellar door: are you talking heaven or hell as far as end result... Cause i can determine the end result of most things in my life by simply making them happen.

I.E. i decide i want to die... i just blow my head off.


2003-03-23 22:08:02 ET

I can sense that you are very full of yourself and confident in your musical ability and I hope to one day be that self assured in myself but you have no idea how I write music... how I look at music... all you can do is take that I enjoy easy chord progressions and good vocals... sorry that's not enjoyable to you.

2003-03-23 22:09:27 ET

And that's how you can control self but environment is completely different.

2003-03-23 22:09:29 ET

hey cellar. betcha i can prove god doesnt exist.

2003-03-23 22:10:39 ET


let's hear it

2003-03-23 22:11:48 ET

man, if god exists he/she/it has let me down so much....whata fuck

2003-03-23 22:12:08 ET

cellar: the fact that you exclusively enjoy music that is not interesting or original IMPLIES that your music would reflect that music.

I'm not saying that is such a horrible thing per se, but you can't really sit and tell me that your ideas are brilliant and innovative.

2003-03-23 22:12:14 ET

God is omnipotent, yes?

2003-03-23 22:13:33 ET

God is impotent???


2003-03-23 22:14:13 ET

Yes... it says so in the bible.

2003-03-23 22:15:24 ET

Right. So God can create anything, yes?

2003-03-23 22:17:13 ET

Yes... things even unconceiveable by man.

2003-03-23 22:18:01 ET

Right. So God can move anything, yes?

2003-03-23 22:19:05 ET

Ach... why would he need to move anything in the first place?!? Everything has a purpose.

2003-03-23 22:19:48 ET

answer the question

2003-03-23 22:20:47 ET

If he needs to move something he can do it.

2003-03-23 22:21:30 ET

Then can God create a mountain so heavy, he couldn't lift it?

2003-03-23 22:24:46 ET

To God there is nothing that is too much for him. And another thing... God doesn't need to lift anything and really has no physical form for he is everywhere and sees all and controls all.

2003-03-23 22:26:02 ET

If he has no physical form, then how were we created in his image?

2003-03-23 22:26:23 ET

answer the question

2003-03-23 22:27:46 ET

See you are looking at it all wrong... Do you know what the trinity is?

It is the belief that there is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.

2003-03-23 22:29:19 ET

oooh! Polytheistic i see.

2003-03-23 22:30:06 ET

To me... thinking of God in terms of a Physical form limits him to me. But in the Bible he is omnipotent and all powerful and nothing is too great for him.

2003-03-23 22:32:05 ET

but as doom said: "If he has no physical form, then how were we created in his image?"

I could write a book too about a guy named Og who is omnipotent and all powerful and nothing is too great for him. Your point?

2003-03-23 22:33:55 ET

In the bible there is Jesus (the Son of God) and then his father (God the Father) and then the Holy Ghost... but by worshipping GOD you are praising all three for all three are the same thing.

2003-03-23 22:34:29 ET

The complexity of our planet points to a deliberate Designer who not only created our universe, but sustains it today.

2003-03-23 22:36:22 ET

now yer just blabbing off-topic. will you answer the question?

2003-03-23 22:37:15 ET

The Bible was written over a 1500-year span, by 40 different authors, in different locations and on separate continents, written in three different languages, covering diverse subject matters at different points in history... but there is so much consistency in them.

This was not just some book that someone wrote cuz he was bored.

2003-03-23 22:37:31 ET

it's not as complex as you think

theres just liek 5 or 6 patterns that repeat themsleves and feign complexity

2003-03-23 22:39:53 ET


2003-03-23 22:42:10 ET

And another thing... how does one explain the existence of the human brain? Only a mind more intelligent and knowledgeable than humanity could have created the human brain.

To you it only "feigns" cuz you give it no chance but there is so much between the lines. And how could a book survive for so long in it's present form?

2003-03-23 22:42:15 ET

cellar: the old test. was written as a motivational text while the jews were in captivity, and the new test. by a bunch of senile incontinent men who were 100 years old.

revelation is by a guy smoking opium in a cave.

the other 1300 years is just people fucking up the original text (which was already flawed due to the circumstances of the transcription)

2003-03-23 22:42:24 ET

What question are you asking me?!?!?!?!?!

2003-03-23 22:43:06 ET

Then can God create a mountain so heavy, he couldn't lift it?

2003-03-23 22:43:09 ET

you dipshit, it hasn't existed for "so long in it's current form"

every generation sees changes in the bible.

2003-03-23 22:45:53 ET

but the basic story stays the same... and i already told you that he is possible of all things... but be forewarned.. nothing you say can convince me that God does not exist.

2003-03-23 22:47:11 ET

i don't care what you believe, i'm not trying to convince you of anything.

2003-03-23 22:47:24 ET

Well if God can do that, then he is not omnipotent, he is a paradox, therefore does not exist.

2003-03-23 22:48:26 ET

and the basic story stays the same because they're just transcribed into different languages

2003-03-23 22:48:59 ET

Doom is trying to do something that since God is omnipotent than his ability to create a mountain that is too heavy for him to lift shouldn't be possible.... which is the weakest and most idiotic thing i've ever been told.

2003-03-23 22:53:26 ET

First off moron. I'm not doom. Second off, the fact that such a simple logical arguement disproves god, yet people have followed the Judeo-Christian god for centuries, now that is idiotic

2003-03-23 22:57:26 ET

Sorry... i get the losers confused too much. But the fact that logic exists period makes the existence of God perfectly explainable. Without God there would be no logic... no ability to explain anything... nothing would exist. You wouldn't be able to be using this explaination at all on me.

2003-03-23 22:59:29 ET

riiiiiight. So you're saying: "if my way isn't correct, then no way is"

2003-03-23 23:00:28 ET

If you consider the intricacies of our life and universe, it is reasonable to think that an intelligent God provided for everything we need for life. The Bible describes God as the author and sustainer of it.

2003-03-23 23:01:08 ET

What do you mean by correct?

2003-03-23 23:02:50 ET

Basically, you're saying that if the Biblical God does not exist, no other explanation is acceptable.

2003-03-23 23:04:39 ET


he uses the bible as his way to prove that the bible is right!!!

2003-03-23 23:04:52 ET


2003-03-23 23:05:26 ET

And if people are merely products of "survival of the fittest," why do we sacrifice for each other? Where did our universal feelings of right and wrong come from? You think one system of logical questions can be used to explain even the most minimal of the complexities of these?

2003-03-23 23:07:15 ET

the "universal feelings" of right and wrong aren't as universal as you think douchebag.

morality changes from culture to culture.

the CORE rules that many cultures have are more of an argument FOR survival of the fittest.

The species wants to keep existing, thats the basic concept for darwinism. the rules we make (for the most part) hold true to that goal.

2003-03-23 23:07:21 ET

Why do we sacrifice for each other? Simple. It makes us feel good. Therefore, because we are selfish. There is no right or wrong, just the shame and fear of shame from getting caught.

2003-03-23 23:08:31 ET

for the record:
i feel that
murder is ok
premarital sex is great
drunkeness is awesome
abortion rules
hatred is cool
kicking people's asses is cool
talking shit is cool
grudges are cool
jealousy is cool

so you think my morals are the same as yours?
universal my ass

2003-03-23 23:10:22 ET

back to my other point: the only "proof" that your bible is true is shit that you cite from within the bible.

have you ever heard the word "fallacy"?

2003-03-23 23:10:42 ET

where does shame come from? there is no biological component that makes you shame... can you bring me shame on a plate? but does it not exist... much like anger... or happiness... How do we explain a universal law in the conscience of all people that says murder for fun is wrong?

2003-03-23 23:11:39 ET

If I murdered your girlfriend right now... you would be okay with it?

2003-03-23 23:12:34 ET

No, but not because of what i feel is right and wrong. I'd be pissed that you took somthing from me.

I'd have no moral problem with killing you, then your family, then raping your mom's corpse

2003-03-23 23:12:41 ET

shame=fear of being tossed out to fend for yourself=survival instinct

2003-03-23 23:14:14 ET

Same with guilt.

Actually cellar door, if you weren't stupid you'd know that they have pinpointed the parts of the brain that make us experience happiness, love, hate, etc.
but of course your argument will be

"brains are real complicated, so there mUST be a god"

dude yer just plain dumb

2003-03-23 23:15:25 ET

This is pointless cuz if a person opposes even the possibility of there being a God, then any evidence can be rationalized or explained away.

All I know is what I believe in my heart to be truth.

2003-03-23 23:15:29 ET

Theres like 1 more post left before this locks up so i'll jsut say


i'm gonna smoke a cig and sleep

in the bed that i just had 2 hrs of premarital sex with my girlfriend in.

fuck yeah

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