2003-03-23 13:49:55 ET

"Eventually the revolutionaries become the established culture, and then what will they do?"
- Linus Torvalds

2003-03-23 15:47:53 ET

I love people who quote programming nerds.

2003-03-23 16:12:59 ET

Awesome... I am super glad that you love me! I don't think I could survive if you didn't love me... I like the question that he asks with this quote.

2003-03-23 16:16:33 ET

Well, when that happens, the turn into bands like RCHP and incubus... Wait, incubus was always lame.

2003-03-23 16:32:28 ET

Who is RCHP?!? Do you mean Red Hot Chili Peppers? Well if that's who you are talking about, then I would have to agree that their earlier stuff is much better than their present material.

And incubus is awesome... I guess the material is just over your head.

2003-03-23 16:35:53 ET


2003-03-23 19:14:30 ET

this is getting old..haha

2003-03-24 22:07:55 ET

wow RCHP....RHCP? interesting.

*giggles* he said head

2003-03-25 21:35:46 ET

i think my head is over your head BITCH

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