The Answer
2003-03-24 20:39:31 ET

Today was just another day at school but I think I have finally found the source of my angst and laziness...


Where has it gone for I know not... all I know is that I feel so stagnant and just all around blob-like. My parents think they are so smart by removing all of the apparent "distractions" (i.e. guitar) so as to help my study habits but really all they did was further fuel my decline into just being another typical lazy teenager.

I need to find some inspiration somewhere quick before I find myself looking down the barrel of potentially spending my Sophomore year at home going to community college...

2003-03-24 20:42:19 ET

Sex + Drugs + Rock n Roll

it will cure what ails you!

2003-03-24 20:49:08 ET

hahhahaa... yes... unfortunately it would

2003-03-24 21:48:19 ET

so, I hear you are good in bed?

2003-03-24 21:51:03 ET

hahahaha oh man

2003-03-24 22:12:09 ET

well, are you?

2003-03-24 22:16:30 ET

Hahahaha!! I'm not sure if I can answer that without some level of bias.

2003-03-24 22:19:35 ET

bias is fine. I actually dont care if you are good in bed. to qoute one of my very favorite people " I wanna fuck you like an animal"....

2003-03-24 22:21:50 ET

LOL tiffa you blow my mind haha

2003-03-24 22:22:17 ET

hehehe... wow!! you get right to the point don't you?

2003-03-24 22:22:30 ET

I try.

2003-03-24 22:23:23 ET

I like.

2003-03-24 22:27:04 ET

Im sure you do...

2003-03-24 22:33:01 ET

Bluntness is a likeable trait.

2003-03-24 22:38:00 ET

hahahahahahahalmaortflmfao!!! Im so sorry. Im really tired and somewhat in heat. forgive me. I promise it wont happen again.

2003-03-24 22:39:54 ET

It is okay... I enjoyed it. No need to apologize.

2003-03-24 23:07:43 ET

cellar=horndog hahaha i just kiddin

2003-03-24 23:08:42 ET

nah, cellar= good christain boy..

2003-03-24 23:40:41 ET

hehe... I don't know how good of a christian I am but I try hard to be the best I can. Now the horndog part... hahahaha! I am not only a teenager but a boy. That's all I have to say.

2003-03-25 15:20:23 ET

LOL good answer !!

2003-03-25 18:16:26 ET


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