More Blah
2003-03-25 20:56:42 ET

Had a break in my studying and decided to write a little diddly here... it's been too long it seems since I last wrote. Well criticize...I mean critique away.

The Question

A pause in between screams
Underneath and below
But never above it seems
Twitch and exhale it out
Anything but what it's meant to be

No need to ask forgiveness
No matter what I say
This synapse will never miss
Just wasted and rotten
Dark and blackened at the tips

The words fade to dust on my tongue
Dull taste to your sweet embrace
Eye quivering in and among
Thoughts of it all fading
Stopping as the poisoned arrow is flung

Away with it all resounding
Echo back to my parched ears
It's all too late
And nothing is left over
Away with it stinging still
Echo back from my flooded mouth
Still too late
And everything is under

Which is the way they will ask and without much glance I will tell the story of my buried soul and pain that I've caused and how my way has lain my broken bones upon your window sill and they will drive still to find the place that they are lookin for but it has already up and left

Gone with the words that die in the air between...

2003-03-25 23:26:09 ET

i like it

2003-03-25 23:31:37 ET

well thank you very much... it was fun to write

2003-03-25 23:35:29 ET

welcome (-:

good writing's hard to come by these days

2003-03-25 23:41:07 ET

wow!! another compliment... i don't know how good mine is but i try really hard to come clean on paper when i can't in voice. it's a sad thing to have to retreat to silence in order to express your feelings but i am thankful that it comes so easily to me.

i'm glad that you like it. i have more at another site if you are bored and would like to check it out.

2003-03-26 00:10:26 ET

hmmm...sure (-:

what is it?

2003-03-26 00:20:10 ET

It's posted in my bio page also

2003-03-26 00:24:49 ET


you rawk!

2003-03-26 00:34:06 ET

Nah man... you RAWK!!

2003-03-26 00:36:18 ET

oh but im afraid you rawk more :-D


2003-03-26 00:41:02 ET

hahaha... since my rawkability is very limited to a few chance occurrences i would have to disagree...

i say we agree to the same level of rawking

2003-03-26 00:43:53 ET

hrm...if we must ;-P

but me still thinks you rawk more!


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