Poetry Haters Suck
2003-03-26 17:41:55 ET

I will NEVER STOP posting poetry!!! Everyone who doesn't like and can suck it!! What the FUCK gives anyone the right to say that I can or cannot post poetry on MY Journal page!!!


There... sorry... I saw that Nicole was pissed about someone hating poetry and so I got angry too!!


2003-03-26 18:34:54 ET

very well put FUCK THEM ALL!

2003-03-26 18:38:59 ET

He's just jealous of intellectuals like you and wannabe's like me.

2003-03-26 19:02:20 ET

no you are really good at writing poetry :) your just as intelligent as what I am when it comes to writing.

2003-03-26 19:19:22 ET

Thank you very much!! That means a lot to me coming from you but i have read your writing and you have so much intelligence and imagery behind your words... mine come out whiney and insignificant whereas yours have truth and confidence. And you deal with so many different spectrums you cover in what you write... you are an inspiration to me.

And no one has to know.

2003-03-26 19:59:43 ET

um... Nobody cares dude.

2003-03-26 20:00:28 ET

thanks for the warning there dawg

2003-03-26 20:17:14 ET

no problem douche

2003-03-26 23:07:32 ET

you crack me up

2003-03-27 01:00:06 ET

cathartic, I wouldn't be talking, I mean after your "badass" confession in chat and all. anyone who admits that IS a fucking idiot.

2003-03-27 02:18:44 ET


a. let's not take anything, especially ourselves, too seriously

b. let's try to be more tollerating of other peoples' oppinions...i mean all they really are are oppinions



i like some poetry, definately. who knows, some day i may write some, i probably wont, but i could...if i did, and people hated poetry, who cares? they can hate poetry...its not a crime d-:

some people hate donuts...some people hate seafood...same difference

let's not let others get to us so easily, when i dont think the original intention was all that serious anyway

much respect.

2003-03-27 04:00:08 ET

Lars this does not mean Josh is taking himself to seriously he is just stating something as you said after all there just opinions. So he can have his opinion too.

2003-03-27 04:03:25 ET

anyways how do you know cyberr wasen't taking himself to seriously. He said he was sick of poetry so that was a serious statement. He wasen't saying it for fun like you think.

2003-03-27 12:21:45 ET

either way so what?

poetry isn't your close and personal friend d-:

if i, say, played guitar...and i knew somebody who hated guitar...i wouldn't go all awol on them...in fact i wouldn't even have a problem with it - different people like different things

being a poetry hater hater isnt any better than being a poetry hater d-:

in fact im pretty sure hating people is worse than hating poetry...

<shakes head> this whole thing is stupid anyway so yeah, i dunno...whatever...

2003-03-27 17:57:29 ET

Well all I know is that I got upset cuz I saw how Nicole had gotten so angry so I read that cyberr guy's entry and it angered me at his ignorant comments. I don't know... I believe that poetry is an overflow of the heart onto the page...

How can anyone hate that? Something that true?!? Something like that filled with your soul's very echoing and yearnings and having people connect with your writing... I just cannot fathom anyone hating that.

But those are just my thoughts.

2003-03-27 18:13:19 ET

eh...like i said, man, be careful not to take yourself too seriously.

some people simply dont like how it sounds...like uh, i cant stand how celine dion's music sounds. now im sure she has plenty-a-song that come directly from her heart and all that good crap but does that mean i hafta like it? no...

people can like or disslike different things and different means of expression....doesn't mean we can't still respect each other

i dunno...maybe im just too accepting of people or somethin ;-P

but i know personally if someone claimed to hate something that i had some sort of personal connection too, heck, at least they're not hating me...i could agree to disagree

blah, i dunno, im rambling

it's all simply OPPINIONS and nothing more. humans minds are so small compared to the scope of the universe and God...poetry can be beautiful to some people and stupid to others...just like any band out there, for example, could be the same way

2003-03-27 18:16:28 ET

true... i just spoke out cuz he was saying that he was getting annoyed about reading it and it just made me mad that he was even making that comment. i do understand what you are saying and couldn't agree with you more... it just made me mad so i had to say something.

oh well... hey do you know what happened to Nicole?

2003-03-27 18:25:13 ET

she got a new name...

ill ask her to pm ya

2003-03-27 18:26:04 ET

okay... i was worried that she got kicked off

2003-03-27 19:43:59 ET

"cathartic, I wouldn't be talking, I mean after your "badass" confession in chat and all. anyone who admits that IS a fucking idiot. "

Am I supposed to be positioning here? I said that i was "badass in my youth" because I was. Your "point" is really just an attempt at a personal jab to shut me up, and does not pertain to the topic whatsoever.

Nice try.

2003-03-27 20:10:15 ET

I think you need to deal with your aggression better

2003-03-27 21:08:46 ET

I don't feel like my last post was very aggressive- but i agree. I'm working oni t.

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