2003-03-27 23:21:14 ET

Well so I am about to go to bed and suddenly I hear some sounds coming from the Third floor of my Dorm complex... so I crack open the door to look out and see these two guys fighting. They each had a friend holding them back but it was so funny. HAHAHAHA... it was super funny. They were talkin shit about each other's girlfriends and saying how they weren't pussies and not walking away and shit like that.

I always laugh at that kind of stuff... cuz you know that if they really wanted to fight they wouldn't even be talking to each other. They'd just be fighting.

But the reason I posted this was not cuz I felt that it was post worthy but at a time like this I believe that we all need to take a look at the simplicity of everything that's happening. I feel like we are trying to be too complex in our thoughts on events such as these.

2003-03-27 23:25:58 ET

yes, i agree!

also...you should've started blaring michael jackson's 'beat it' out the window ;-)

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