My Theory on College
2003-03-29 21:13:37 ET

They say college is supposed to be fun and liberating... it's a load of crap. After being mentally programmed in K through 12th grade, you enter college so as to further be taken advantage of by the system. When you are at your weakest you are that much more easily controlled and the American education system has more than proved itself. Also may I point out that the wealthiest and smartest of every class usually enter college... this is more than a coincidence. We are the most impressionable at the vital age that college is made available to us and instead of creating revolutionaries we are now formed to the mold of the Capitalistic Middle-Class American.

I am angry right now if you couldn't tell. I wrote this godforsaken chemistry essay and the website on which I am to load and enter it to be graded is not working. So I wrote this little tirade.

2003-03-29 21:26:22 ET

yes, the american school system SUX...even though it sucked at times, im very glad i was homeschooled...know too many 'schoolkids'

2003-03-29 22:31:17 ET

College is just big business, and all they sell is paper that says you know what you're talking about...

2003-03-30 21:36:47 ET

Very true... and really all that does is help you in your first job interview. It's all really silly I think. I believe we should return to when professions were more apprentice work. College doesn't guarantee you anything 'cept that you will probably spend the 5 years afterwards working to pay off your student loans.

2003-03-31 05:09:49 ET


Make no mistake about it, colleges are all about making money. Look at the financial books of any large university and you'll see that there is serious bling to be had. It is nothing more than a business: in exchange for money, you receive an education based on your programs' degree requirements.

But here's the secret, and the real reason why college is important. In most fields, it doesn't matter where you went to school or even what you majored in. Employers look at college as more of an endurance test: were you able to complete the task of graduating? Let's face it, most of college is tedious: writing papers, working on projects, etc. Those papers and projects in and of themselves have little value, but the process of learning how to complete them has immense value.

It is true that one can survive in the world without having attended college. In doing so, however, one needs to be prepared to enter their desired industry at the bottom level. I've thrown out resumes based on lack of a college education or the lack of completion of college. If someone can't finish something as easy as college, how could I feel comfortable assigning them to mission critical projects?

2003-04-02 18:19:59 ET

Moxie - I completely see your perspective on this and you explained your point very well. I was angry about the tediousness of college when I posted. I got it done... it just really pissed me off.

2003-04-03 05:03:15 ET

Dude its' not like colleges are trying to program you. They don't give a shit as long as they get yer money.

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