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2008-02-08 04:30:15 ET

I have been dying my hair blue off and on since I was about twelve and people have never really taken me seriously because of it.

My fatal flaw is I have a really big heart so it gets perpetually broken and broken hard. As the years go by I have become colder and harder than I would like to be.

I am undeniably addicted to electronic music and its corresponding cultures. My first favorite band was Information Society which my mother used to play in the car before I could tie my own shoes.

I started raving in my teens. I have gone to over three hundred of these gatherings and I have not once tried ecstacy. I just couldn't get enough of it until the scene kind of imploded into a mockery of itself and became the antithesis of everything it was supposed to represent.

A lot of the ravers I knew got me into punk,goth,industrial and other forms of the art. Once I was hooked I never really went all the way back, but every day I miss the way it used to be standing on top of a mesa in the middle of the desert watching the sunrise with wonderful people all around me. I still go a couple times a year, but it will never be the same.

I am waiting for the next dance music revolution and love watching it all evolve and want to contribute in any way I can.

I cannot fucking stand fake ass mother fuckers who's false sense of pride relies on nothing other than their superficial understanding of personal aesthetics, and application of said process to their selves.

Same thing goes for over made up hoochies with their pouty lips trying to look all tough, you don't look hot, you look like a fucking slut. sure it might appear to be somewhat appetizing to split a sausage into you, and that can take you places, but it doesn't necessarily mean anyone will truly love or respect you. Don't neglect what is in your brain.

I remember a time when those of us who looked different than the rest of the conformist zombies walking among us actually had someting rash and meaningful to say about the sorry state of affairs we were in, got off their asses and tried to do something about it- now most of those who poorly attempt to emulate our actions or styles do nothing but go partying or sit online trying to determine how popular they think they are. Nobody with any intelligence gives a shit. Stated individuals fail.

When we are dead and buried what would you like to be remembered for?

The world fucking sucks right now and it's our fault. Stop looking in the mirror for once and do something significant with your life, the clock is ticking and our generation is waiting for results.

How pretty you are or who you are practicing/functionally splicing genes with may be fun, but is rather inconsequential.

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