2008-02-14 03:26:50 ET

More coming soon

2008-02-14 03:40:02 ET

huzzah! ian really needs to get accepted onto sk again. has he tried emailing and getting his last account reinstated or is has he just tried applying for a new one altogether?

2008-02-14 03:43:12 ET

I have no idea. I haven't spoken to him in about a month now. He's an awesome dude and should get back on here. Me and a friend have been talking about going to the east coast to surprise him. What happened to BiPolarBear?

2008-02-14 04:03:06 ET

Chaos -- Were you on here before under a different name?
What was Ian's name before?

2008-02-14 04:07:36 ET

Nope, first timer. Ian was BiPolarBear as far as I know but not certain. What triggers the question? Just curious.

2008-02-14 04:11:37 ET

'cause you were mentioning an old member by his screen name so I figured that you used to talk to him on here.

I'm assuming, however, that you actually know Turbo?

2008-02-14 04:16:33 ET

Ian and I used to live in the same apartment complex and Turbo was around alot.

We were all going through a bit of a rough patch and were there for eachother. I moved to North Hills, Ian went back to New Jersey, and Turbo went to Seattle.

I just hope a day comes when we can all hang out again.

2008-02-14 04:28:32 ET

i'll definitely be moving back to l.a. at some point in the forseeable future...so it'll happen. ian just needs to get his ass back out of jersey again at some point ;-P heh

2008-02-14 04:31:16 ET

That might take some teamwork heh.

2008-02-15 05:01:06 ET

Why are you going to be going back to LA?

2008-02-15 05:29:45 ET

its still the most beautiful place in the world to me and it's home in a lot of ways. i'll be in seattle for probably 1 to 3 years as i don't want to move back to los angeles until i can afford to buy a place to live - probably a flat downtown. i intend on living in various places from that point, including europe, japan, and possibly australia. but i have a feeling l.a. will always be my hub. i truly love that city more than anyplace i've ever been. moreso, i just feel more at home in megalopolises than i do in smaller cities like seattle.

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