2008-05-12 02:05:23 ET

Like straight up after everything that has happened, i am buzzed as fuck right now so i don't give a shit about spilling truth. So i'd figure i'd level with you. sure I like you a lot. like totally, but hell my best bro is in the hospital and could die.

three of my friends died in the past year I'm still hurting over my ex and shit is all crazy as a rhino orgy. so i have no idea if looking for girlfriend right now, not that you wouldn't be awesome in that dept, i'd totally go out with you, but that doesn't change anything for the moment. You seem to be rather gangsta. I'm rather gangsta myself.

I'm chill with playing videogames or whatever, there are few that I can trust at the moment, and I seriously think that you are worth investing time into though can be rather difficult to read which is totally understandable.

2008-05-12 02:46:53 ET

hmmm....good luck with whoever-this-is and whatever-happens. life is always confusing. i miss you and l.a. really badly.

2008-05-23 23:02:59 ET

I'm not sure you remember me, I was an aquatence of Tomika's and Sola's before Sola moved back to help her parents.

How have you been? Still a TKK fan? Talk to you soon,


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