My nose...BLAH!
2002-09-24 11:53:28 ET

I don't get it. I washed it. I soaked it. I pampered it. And now the ring in my nose is getting stiff. Usually I can swing it around freely and stuff, but now it doesn't really want to move in the hole. Stupid nose.

In other news, I have decided that my favorite food of the moment is mashed potatoes. From the powder. So cheap. So yum.

I'm so bored that I'm watching Fight Club. For the seven billionth time. Why is this movie so goood?

2002-09-24 12:43:28 ET

Because it's based on a book that is so good by an author that writes books that are so good.


2002-09-24 12:52:09 ET

Hi Venadium! :) Yes, Chuck is an amazing author.

2002-09-24 12:58:11 ET

it is? i never knew that. is the name of the book fight club?

2002-09-24 12:58:26 ET

thats a pretty dumb question, but u never know

2002-09-24 13:02:14 ET

Yes, the name of the book is Fight Club. I'd spell the last name for you, but it is something insane like Palihiuhuk.

Hi Crystal!

2002-09-24 13:02:44 ET

Hi Jocelyn! :)

2002-09-24 13:06:26 ET

How are you, Crysssstal?

2002-09-24 13:10:37 ET

im ok, how about you, joccccelyn?

2002-09-24 13:12:10 ET


2002-09-24 13:14:54 ET

Yes, Palahniuk. That's it.

I'm magnificent! Thank you for asking. :)

2002-09-24 13:16:21 ET


2002-09-24 13:23:19 ET


God bless me.

2002-09-24 13:27:23 ET

Bless you, Sean.

OMG this website is so much fun.

Starla had it in her little profile, and I can't get myself to leave. HEhehehehehehehe so much fun.

2002-09-24 14:14:54 ET

The movie is good cause im not in it!!!! Cheers!!

2002-09-24 14:29:20 ET

Why would you be in it? ;)

2002-09-24 14:30:42 ET

nose = sorry.

potatos = mmmm

fight club = book is better!

2002-09-24 14:32:32 ET

The book is always better.

I offer my favorite quote from John Grisham: "Selling your book to Hollywood is like giving your daughter to a pimp."

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