A Quest! For A Jacket! Its EXCITING!
2002-10-02 17:22:28 ET

I selfishly wanted to leave my 113 comments at the top, but I decided I'd leave a post, just to keep myself entertained. I decided its time for me to embark on a jacket making journey. Finding one at Good Will and royally fuck it up. I'm exciting. I'll update you when there are updates. ;) Scrumtralacent!

In other news, I made a new buddy icon today. It makes me laugh.


2002-10-02 17:26:43 ET

i cant read that tex.t..what does it say? about the jacket, ive gotten started on my camo jacket, youve seen it

2002-10-02 17:29:34 ET

It says MOHAWKS MAKE ME HORNY. Why can't you read it, loser?

Yesssss, your camo jacket is foxxxy. I don't know what color mine will be.

2002-10-02 17:30:00 ET

my scree res is WAY huge.....

2002-10-02 17:31:10 ET

That's lame. Oh well, I enjoyed making it. I giggled the whole way through.

2002-10-02 17:34:47 ET


2002-10-02 17:37:13 ET

haha...i used to have a hawk......MEEEOW. yea thats what i did with my vest, friend got a jean jacket at goodwill..and i said i was gonna take it from him so i took it ripped the sleeves off...the rest is history, i need to get some pics up of it..its beutiful.

2002-10-02 17:38:18 ET

get your geeky assed brother offa Everquest and tell him to fix your cam

2002-10-02 17:38:48 ET

hes downstairs now...probobly jerking off...i shuld do the same....ill do it later.

2002-10-02 17:39:53 ET

lol ok

2002-10-02 17:42:47 ET

Yeah, if I find a nice jacket and the sleeves are too short I'll just rip them off and make it that way. ;)

2002-10-02 17:45:54 ET

yea, its fucking hot as fuck in florida anyway, i never need a jacket, but my vest i wear almost everyday.

2002-10-02 17:46:49 ET

it gets a tit nipply up here in the nj/pa area, so jackets are needed..

2002-10-02 17:47:00 ET

It got fucking hot when I used to live there. But I like it sweaty.


Anyway, it does get cold here...so maybe I'll by a summer jacket and a winter jacket. ;)

2002-10-02 17:49:56 ET

sweaty? i can do sweaty!

2002-10-02 17:52:16 ET

Good. Because I like sweaty. Its sexxxy.

2002-10-02 17:52:36 ET

i sweat all the time...and no one thinks its sexy.

2002-10-02 17:54:12 ET

I do! I do! That's why I used to have a gym membership. Bwahahaha.

2002-10-02 17:56:08 ET


2002-10-02 17:56:31 ET


2002-10-02 17:59:17 ET

The smell doesn't bother me either. I'm BO-resistant.

2002-10-02 17:59:37 ET

and the reason you arent in my bed waiting for me rght now IS...

2002-10-02 18:00:36 ET

i got b.o.........

2002-10-02 18:00:43 ET

This unfun thing called distance. ;)

2002-10-02 18:01:11 ET

ahh goddamit, i hate DISTANCE..

2002-10-02 18:01:31 ET


2002-10-02 18:03:36 ET

Distance sucks. They need to finish researching quantum teleportation and give it to me.

2002-10-02 18:04:28 ET

oh, ill give it to you....OH OH, i get it, they give you the teleportation, righ

2002-10-02 18:10:31 ET

Bad boy. Go to my room.

2002-10-02 18:10:53 ET

uggh FINE if you INSIST

2002-10-02 18:14:54 ET


Despite my commanding nature online, I'm sadly submissive in real life.

2002-10-02 18:16:58 ET

pfft i dont care :D

2002-10-02 18:19:37 ET

Good. So you won't mind being the commanding one tonight? :P

2002-10-02 18:21:09 ET

whatever works...we've got the combined sexual experience of....two virgins, so we'll just have to figure it out :-P

2002-10-02 18:24:02 ET

HAHAHA. Damn us virgins. We talk so big...

2002-10-02 18:24:42 ET

/me doesnt even wanna think about how akward round one is gonna be..

2002-10-02 18:25:28 ET

yea..haha im gonna be like..yes...so..where do i put it again?

2002-10-02 18:26:15 ET

location aint the issue...

2002-10-02 18:26:33 ET

No, stupid, that's my BELLYBUTTON. Try lower. ;)

2002-10-02 18:26:52 ET


2002-10-02 18:27:15 ET

oh shit sorry.....damn......nice and warm...Mmmmm, kinda like a apple pie......

2002-10-02 18:28:10 ET

yeah, im *pretty* sure i can find the right hole, its just..hrmm...gona be sooo akward

2002-10-02 18:28:58 ET

Except...less appley.

What's the issue then, virgin kid?

2002-10-02 18:29:22 ET

'just...hrmmm...gonna be sooo akward'..

2002-10-02 18:30:15 ET

yea.....i dunno......i jsut dont know what we would do after 2 and a 1/2 minutes are up.

2002-10-02 18:31:05 ET


'ahh yes that was greeeeaat baby'
'wait...all done???'

2002-10-02 18:31:48 ET

yea.....damn....we're cyber pimps. BO YA!

2002-10-02 18:32:08 ET

something like that :P

2002-10-02 18:32:42 ET

Hahaha! You could always just do it again!

Even though I'm scared of sex, I don't think my first time will be that weird.

2002-10-02 18:34:21 ET

you're not the one with the penis..heres a little refinement on that convo:
)))after 2 minutes, im spent(((
'ahh yes baby that was GREAAT!'
'you're done ALREADY???'
'::voice breaks up:: no, just kidding'

2002-10-02 18:35:41 ET

I know how to fixxx that. :)

2002-10-02 18:37:08 ET

haha, yea, true could always just do it like....100 times until shes satisfied.

2002-10-02 18:38:40 ET


2002-10-02 18:38:57 ET

or hope shes horny as hell, hasnt masturbated in 2 weeks, and is also a virgin..

2002-10-02 18:39:11 ET

Hahaha, sounds like fun.

2002-10-02 18:40:06 ET

yeah, sounds 'wild'....oh man thatd be even more akward...ack

2002-10-02 18:41:31 ET

Just ask the girl to ride you.

2002-10-02 18:42:20 ET

/me is horny as hell

2002-10-03 01:43:33 ET

Jesus guys! I can't believe I read all that. Almost makes me wanna pop one into a towel right now.

2002-10-03 05:16:49 ET

I know, Sheen. Every normal conversation I try to have spirals into a mad sexual orgy. ;) Will started it, he started talking about sweat. :P

2002-10-03 05:28:30 ET

sean, POP ONE INTO A TOWEL? Thats fuckin classic :D

2002-10-03 05:30:47 ET

I love you, Sheen. :)

2002-10-03 05:34:55 ET

I love you too, Joce.

2002-10-03 05:39:26 ET

Yay, so much love.

2002-10-03 06:00:36 ET

I love the icon!
I'm in school!
<33 your little Templeton

2002-10-03 06:00:44 ET

I love the icon!
I'm in school!
<33 your little Templeton

2002-10-03 06:00:59 ET

damn the double posts!

2002-10-03 06:01:03 ET

i love double posts

2002-10-03 06:01:46 ET

Oh me too...::scratches head::

2002-10-03 06:07:29 ET

TEMPLETON! Oh how I missed you. Its my turn to go to school. BLAH.

2002-10-03 06:09:18 ET

Joce! How I have missed you so!

2002-10-03 06:40:38 ET

I didn't have my Templeton to cuddle with last night.

2002-10-03 06:41:57 ET

thats right, cause you were in my bed, not yours....muahahaha

2002-10-03 06:48:45 ET

Don't make Templeton feel left out!

2002-10-03 06:51:56 ET

Joce and Ekka!? Wooo, I want in on this!

2002-10-03 07:05:06 ET

Sheen is giving in to the dark side.

2002-10-03 07:18:58 ET

The dark side is just too enticing.

2002-10-03 07:20:18 ET

I know. Another kid corrupted by the magnificent SK.

2002-10-03 09:14:03 ET

mowhawks make me drool. but mostly dread mowhawks. :-P

2002-10-03 13:07:44 ET

Yes Sean, me and Joce...::sigh:: it aint easy being beautiful. :)

2002-10-03 13:22:40 ET


2002-10-03 13:24:22 ET

I wish.

2002-10-03 15:37:18 ET

Yes, that would rule. RULE.

2002-10-03 15:52:39 ET

Me and Joce = Love.

2002-10-03 15:56:24 ET

Hey, what about me?

2002-10-03 15:56:52 ET

Sean, I'm afraid you should go look at your latest thread again, you look like your all tied up in love over there ::wink::

2002-10-03 15:56:56 ET

I luff you. :D

2002-10-03 15:59:34 ET

Still, I thought we had a nice love triangle goin' on here.

2002-10-03 16:04:08 ET

oh my god, luff. How effing cute are you!?

Sean, we do. I saw that comeback and just needed to give it to yah, there is plenty of luff to go around.

Luff...makes me think of Enrique trying to say "love" in Escape.

2002-10-03 16:15:59 ET


2002-10-03 17:44:21 ET

Enrique has funny English.

Its a sexy luff triangle, and I'm having so much fun in it. Pass the Templeton!

2002-10-04 09:23:54 ET

Ohh I'm being passed! Be gentle!

2002-10-04 09:35:27 ET

Pass the Li'l Peaches ;)

2002-10-04 09:36:53 ET

hahah does that mean I have a cute fuzzy outer layer that ever loves to rub?

2002-10-04 09:46:11 ET

LOL, no it means I'm going to cut you up and make cobbler. :P

2002-10-04 09:47:21 ET

Aww :( don't you just wanna eat me...softly...

wow porno much?

2002-10-04 10:00:44 ET


2002-10-04 10:12:49 ET

lolol. I got a little carried away!

2002-10-04 10:20:43 ET

That's okay, Ekka sweety. ;)

2002-10-04 10:27:26 ET

:)I'm making Josh strip for me and take pictures.

2002-10-04 10:27:55 ET

hahaha Ew!!

2002-10-04 10:28:18 ET

Very not eww...okay!

2002-10-05 10:56:48 ET

Templeton is cheating on me with Josh?

2002-10-05 12:30:07 ET

no, me

2002-10-06 05:26:06 ET

No I did see the picture of you in your underwear Joce!!

2002-10-06 06:33:43 ET

Did you like my skivvies?

2002-10-06 14:22:27 ET

I sure did!!!!!!!

2002-10-06 14:27:20 ET

Awww, you're making my blush.

2002-10-06 14:28:37 ET

Only the best for my Joce!

2002-10-06 14:29:04 ET


2002-10-06 14:31:04 ET

Thanks, Templetoes! I luff you!

And I luff you, too, Sheen!

2002-10-06 14:33:27 ET

I luff my Joce and Sean!

2002-10-06 14:36:54 ET

mohawks make me horny too! haha. greatness. niccccccce. ;o)

2002-10-06 14:38:15 ET

Thanks. I couldn't help myself. I'd been craving an icon like that for ages.

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