*.*Til Death Do Us Part*.*
2002-10-22 17:33:46 ET

I've done a lot of terrible things in my life, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank those that have never judged me even though I've make mistakes.

Ekka, you're amazing. Never forget that.

Sheen, you've always been there. Thank you for being my friend, and for listening.

Will, thank YOU for everything you've done. You're great to talk to.

Alison, thank you for making me feel better about my hair. Hugs!

Thank you, Ashton, for always listening and being there when I need someone to drive around and scream with.

Thank you, Bandiera, for just being the Queen of Sexxxy and making a girl feel more secure. ;)

Thank you, Kodi, for listening. And talking.

Thank you, Paul, for just existing. You're amazing!

If I left anyone off, I'm sorry, but I'm sure you guys know who you are!

2002-10-22 17:36:22 ET

No, Thank you! For everything.

2002-10-22 17:36:37 ET

I love you, Sheen!

2002-10-22 17:40:58 ET

I love you. Please don't leave.

2002-10-22 17:41:44 ET

I don't know if I can do that. You guys mean a lot to me, but I didn't come here to make enemies.

2002-10-22 18:32:45 ET

Hey darling! Thank YOU for being a very spectacular lady and you MUST know that you are the true queen of all that is seXXXy and fantastic! You are just much too sweet.

You're leaving? Is something wrong?

2002-10-22 18:35:08 ET

Don't leave, just ignore losers that turn on you. Put them on your aim and or subkultures.net block list (found under account settings) and leave it at that.

Trust me, my aim block list is a mile long
and my subkultures.net block list even has someone on it!
and I run the darn site!

2002-10-22 18:55:58 ET

you can't leave! cause i said so ;P
and i think your hair is cuuuute, and if you really hate it that much, just remember it will grow back...
my hair was butchered a few months ago, i know how it feels...

2002-10-22 19:00:23 ET

Thank you, Jolie! *HUGGGGGGY*

2002-10-22 19:05:59 ET

anytime! <3

2002-10-22 19:08:02 ET

You and your cat RULE!

2002-10-22 19:13:47 ET

anytime joce, dont mention it.

2002-10-22 19:15:54 ET

You're the best, Curly, THE BEST.

2002-10-22 19:21:42 ET

curly? haha. i dunno what to say....only time anyone ever called me the best before is that one ld hguy after i sucked him off....joke what?

2002-10-22 19:22:50 ET


2002-10-22 19:23:43 ET

HAHAHA, Will, you're hilarious, SUCKA!

2002-10-22 19:26:05 ET

sucka you know it playa.

2002-10-22 19:26:29 ET


2002-10-22 19:53:29 ET

Joce, i'm way happy to exist with you, near you and whatever combination of existence you can find

2002-10-23 05:51:09 ET

haha, shizzle my neezy. tru dat sucka. thug lyf. 2 pac foreva.

2002-10-23 05:53:35 ET

I'll drive around and scream with you even when I'm 110 Jocelyn! ::THUMBS UP::

2002-10-23 05:54:35 ET

Why are you leaving?

2002-10-23 08:56:50 ET

who said anything about leaving?

2002-10-23 10:20:01 ET

do the smart thing, block them and badmouth them. dont leave!!


2002-10-23 10:21:38 ET

::wipes alisons tears::

2002-10-23 10:23:39 ET

:-* [that was for will AND joc]

2002-10-23 10:24:37 ET

fuck yes!! :-*

2002-10-23 11:19:00 ET

Thank you, Alison! I've never had a threeway kiss before! :-*

2002-10-23 11:43:49 ET

2002-10-23 11:45:24 ET

you are incredibly beutiful........oh my god.

2002-10-23 11:45:59 ET

I LOVE YOU ALISON! Thank you so much!

You hair looks fucking awesome today.

2002-10-23 11:47:53 ET

haha thanx. dont go!

2002-10-23 11:48:25 ET

I'd never leave Alison behind! You're too amazing.

2002-10-23 11:50:03 ET


2002-10-23 11:50:46 ET

How long are you going to grow your hawks out?

2002-10-23 11:52:28 ET

im growing all of my hair out. last time i just shaved my head and waited. i think im gonna leave the hawks this time, so when the shaved parts get longer, ill just spike them too, and when the whoel things long, ill even it out

2002-10-23 11:53:10 ET

Woohoo, it looks really good.

2002-10-23 11:53:40 ET


2002-10-23 11:59:04 ET

Alison, do you by any chance know of a Justin Shearer?

2002-10-23 11:59:18 ET

from where?

2002-10-23 12:02:25 ET

originally South Dakota, he now lives in New Mexico... here with Jocey and I.

2002-10-23 12:10:07 ET

i dont think so

2002-10-23 12:15:19 ET

ohh sad

2002-10-23 12:15:49 ET

he thought he might have known you.. YAY! I get to hang out with Jocelyn, she is on her way over here

2002-10-23 12:22:25 ET

wait, why would i know him?

2002-10-23 13:04:48 ET

Ashton is here with me now. She says you would know him because we were looking at things on Subkultures things and he thought he knew you. And he was like omg her name is SKAFORBREAKFAST I think I know people who say that.

That is a Jocified translation of what Ashton said.

2002-10-23 17:42:17 ET


2002-10-23 17:43:01 ET

Exactly, Paul. EXACTLY. :P

2002-10-23 19:21:50 ET

:) i knew youd understand

2002-10-24 09:41:02 ET

"And thank you gyro, for bringing us gyros." The End. ;]

2002-10-24 11:14:56 ET

Mmmm, gyros are good.

2002-10-24 12:21:37 ET


2002-10-24 15:40:53 ET

People do inherently stupid things, it's a part of our nature. Even if we think at the time that it is the best thing we could do, we look back a few years later and wonder what hte hell is up. hell i've been single for far too long now (and i'm not talkin about a couple months here) and it's normally cause of mistakes i make, but i move on, life goes on and we push and shove our way through the bullshit and if we're really lucky, we find a ray of sunshine admist all teh bullshit. So keep your chin up, if anyone brings up your past kick em in the teeth, then possibly spit on them and move on, you don't need people in your life like that.

Wow, that's one hell of a rant, sorry if it's too long haha

2002-10-24 17:23:42 ET

nope. she totally wins the cuteness factor here.

2002-10-24 17:25:09 ET

But now you're here...so you win. DAMN YOU!

And Ruddie, I've been single for my whole life. So shut it. :P

2002-10-24 17:26:08 ET

how could you possibly be single?

2002-10-24 17:27:13 ET

Oh trust me, its possible. I've been single for 18 years. Boys find me "intimidating" or something.

2002-10-24 17:27:49 ET


i know exactly what you mean...

2002-10-24 17:28:03 ET

i hate that stupid "you're intimidating" bullshit. fuck men.

2002-10-24 17:28:41 ET

haha, i gotta seven year dry spell kickin here, plus the last two girls i was with, cheated on me, and the one before that, the only one that was good to me, move to cali haha, i know that shitty feelin haha, i learn to deal with it.

2002-10-24 17:29:55 ET

you serious? woa. bleh. relationships.

2002-10-24 17:31:36 ET

I know. I'm SO NICE, I think, and I love everyone. I don't know how I'm intimidating. Maybe its because I'm open. :P

Awww, Ruddie, people suck majorly sometimes. BOO ON THEM.

2002-10-24 17:33:29 ET

hehe. and modest too.

2002-10-24 17:33:50 ET

I am modest. :P I just know that I'm nice. :)

2002-10-24 17:35:08 ET

Yeah i know pix, it's the whole nice guys finish last thing, meh, what can ya do, just recently tried gettin together with this girlie, she's on here actually, but it was one sided, she was down with teh rudie haha.

haha for sure joc, i got teh same thing, but i attract zero attention, i've learned to deal with it.

2002-10-24 17:35:54 ET

fuck yea nice guys finish last. thats the 100% mother fucking truth sucka.

2002-10-24 17:35:57 ET


2002-10-24 17:36:22 ET

Nice girls finish last two. :(

2002-10-24 17:40:26 ET

i enjoy being my bitchy self. sometimes i just happen to get what i want.

other times i crash and burn badly.

as long as you can take what you can give, life's pretty okay.

2002-10-24 17:40:55 ET

haha, thanks krayon, how's the shittin been? haha, sorry dude i can't see yo uand still see that pic!

2002-10-24 17:41:48 ET

hahahahahaha!! been going great man, thanks for asking, hahahaha.

2002-10-24 17:42:03 ET

haha, good to hear

2002-10-24 17:43:28 ET


2002-10-24 17:43:51 ET

ma nizzle

2002-10-24 17:44:45 ET

yea..you got it now sucka. strait up, no one can resist being ghetto...its fucking funny.

2002-10-24 17:46:09 ET

g funk.

2002-10-24 17:46:16 ET

Curly Sucka!!!


2002-10-24 17:46:53 ET

ummmmmm, gonna have to stick with not being ghetto haha

2002-10-24 17:47:00 ET

fuck yiza fuck yiza.

baby eyes up in herre.

2002-10-24 17:47:19 ET

Curly is representing the Flor-iz-ida!

2002-10-24 17:47:37 ET

J town ma sista.

2002-10-24 17:48:42 ET

*definately outta the loop* lol.

2002-10-24 17:48:50 ET

haha not gonna even pretend to know what that means

2002-10-24 17:49:16 ET

Sometimes, its a good thing to be out of the loop.

2002-10-24 17:49:58 ET


2002-10-24 17:51:02 ET


2002-10-24 17:51:33 ET

That's why I am where I am. I am always out of the loop.

2002-10-24 17:52:10 ET

(cracks up)

i liked the "shizzle. amen!" part.

(still laughing)

2002-10-24 17:52:26 ET

Shizzle! Amen! Let it become your mantra!

2002-10-24 17:53:48 ET

done and done!

2002-10-24 17:55:01 ET

mantra. lol. i will do yogic breathing exercises and find my true shway. or xhie. or however you'd spell it asian-style.

2002-10-24 17:55:26 ET

Hahaha! Breathe in the shizzle, breathe out the amen.

2002-10-24 17:56:06 ET


2002-10-24 17:56:21 ET

(totally laughing)

jesus. lol.

2002-10-24 17:56:38 ET

I've heard of that, do meditating myself, so i been all over the board with


2002-10-24 17:57:07 ET

I think its because I'm tired.

2002-10-24 17:57:30 ET

lol.... meditation is very cool. i think it's probably way too cool for me.


2002-10-24 18:17:26 ET

haha, i know that feeling joc, runnin out of steam here myself, though doin a little better with teh nicotine guage filled up now haha.

haah for sure pix, i started doin it somewhat when is tarted doin karate wayt way back in teh day, then just took to it, clears my mind, helps me sort through shit and relaxesme.

2002-10-24 18:17:43 ET

Meditation is like the coolest thing ever.

2002-10-24 18:19:50 ET

haha, it's not hard, anyone can do it.

2002-10-24 20:59:10 ET

HEY ! Joce ! you GO girl ! be You ! and it'll be great !
meditation , yes , I have tried many types , one really kick ass one is real 21st century stuff- "Hemi-sync" it's a recording of
soundwaves that induce a stress relief pattern of blood flow
in the brain , it evens out the flow of blood and neuron activity and makes you a kind of perfect "relaxed" like a kind of relaxed that you could goto sleep, or just go do something active with less stress involved than normal.

2002-10-25 04:07:38 ET

Hey beautiful, thanks for stopping by. ;) Oooh, I will look into this "hemi-sync"...it sounds intriguing.

2002-10-25 06:09:00 ET

I dont know exactly what you mean by all that because you have just recently been visiting my page and this is one of the first times I have visited yours but you are seeming to be a very up beat and freindly person, for ne one who has thrown your past in your faace, kick em kick em hard lol, hunt them down and kick em, lol as you can see im a very mature person but Its fun lolI think your great form what I have seen thus far

2002-10-25 07:48:14 ET

no no rocksteady, kicking them is allways i a good plan, key locations are in the teeth which is great cause it's non gender specific, if it's a guy, kick em in teh balls, for girlies, punch em in the boobs

2002-10-25 08:43:58 ET

lmao yeah like I said kick em, but after the little nap I just had im thinking I wasnt really paying attention in grade school when they taught us to only do to others what we would have done to us, oh well if there not nice to ppl then they have it coming

2002-10-25 12:08:27 ET

naw, if someone is nic to me, i'll be twice as nice to them, if they're a bitch to me, i'll be twice the bitch!

2002-10-25 12:20:45 ET

sounds like the way to be

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