I Did a Bad Bad Thing...
2002-11-03 09:32:07 ET

What a night, ladies and gentlemen. There are certain reasons why I don't drink, and last night was every reason why.

But, alas, it feels so good to drink your troubles away.

2002-11-03 09:34:05 ET

yes...drinking youre problems away feels damn good.

2002-11-03 09:34:20 ET

I think I'm going to make it a weekend activity.

2002-11-03 09:37:25 ET

JOCELYN ROCKS MY WORLD DOT COM... weeeee.. ::taunting voice:: I know a secret that know one else knoooowwwwsssss ::/taunting voice::

2002-11-03 09:38:38 ET

I told Will, Ashton, so everyone talking here right now knows. Just no one else does. >:)

2002-11-03 09:57:14 ET

I don't. :(

2002-11-03 09:57:38 ET

I'm not sure you even want to know. :P

2002-11-03 09:58:36 ET

it might make me feel better about what I did while drunk this weekend, though. :)

2002-11-03 09:59:06 ET

Hahaha, but admit it, it feels GOOD! :P

2002-11-03 10:00:42 ET

oh, it feels good all right :)

2002-11-03 10:01:08 ET

I really don't drink much. I miss it. So I had some catching up to do. :P

2002-11-03 10:02:38 ET

I made beef Burgandy, does that count as drinking?

2002-11-03 10:05:04 ET

You probably cooked all the alcohol out...so no. ;)

Oooh, speaking of cooking, I'm brewing my own alcohol. Be proud.

2002-11-03 10:05:35 ET

well, it's important to end those dry spells with a bang :)

2002-11-03 10:07:04 ET

And last night was definetly a band. Hahaha.

(Yes, I am still a virgin, so get those nasty thoughts out of your head.)

2002-11-03 10:11:13 ET

ok, thanks for clearing that out.

2002-11-03 10:11:41 ET

Aha! I knew someone was!

2002-11-03 10:12:03 ET

two someones :(

2002-11-03 10:13:14 ET

Its natural. When I phrased it like that, I figured a few would get curious.

2002-11-03 10:27:09 ET

it's so bad for you, it's what makes alcoholics, or at least a factor. i admit to doing it my share of times. just try not to do it all the time, ok hun?

2002-11-03 10:29:30 ET

i had a night similiar to yours hun, and oh my god it felt GOOD! lol

2002-11-03 10:30:02 ET

I won't do it all the time. I need my mind clear 85% of the week anyway to deal with my senior year, anyway.

2002-11-03 10:51:20 ET

fuck that shit....i drink all the time..and im not a alcholic...just like i smoke cigeretes all the time...but uh...im not addicted to them...nope..not one bit.

2002-11-03 11:02:16 ET

yeah right. will keep in mind that alchoolism is a gene thing.

2002-11-03 11:05:41 ET

yea, i know.

2002-11-03 11:06:27 ET

My grandmother was an alcoholic. But that's okay, I like to drink and I'm not going to let that stop me.

2002-11-03 11:08:17 ET

tru tru.

2002-11-03 11:13:52 ET

awww Joce..you're so pretty..

2002-11-03 11:15:31 ET

<<My grandmother was an alcoholic. But that's okay, I like to drink and I'm not going to let that stop me.>>

i hope you realize how bad that is.

2002-11-03 12:07:14 ET

Joce! Be careful, you!

2002-11-03 12:41:50 ET

glad to here it joc! totally understand the drinking your troubles away bit, did a good job of that last night!

2002-11-03 13:52:10 ET

i feel i've missed something, someone bring me up to date

2002-11-03 15:08:04 ET

It's the 3rd of November :P

2002-11-03 15:17:28 ET

thanks. anybody else want to go a little deeper

2002-11-03 16:44:09 ET


2002-11-03 16:49:26 ET

approx 9:47 est

2002-11-03 16:50:21 ET

I am a drinking snob ! I'll only drink Louis Jadot burgandy
wine , maybe ..... a glass or two a week, French ,of course and the 1999 vintage sucked ! don't buy it ! get 1996 if you can still find it !

2002-11-03 16:52:02 ET

oh my. i don't hate wine, i hate ppl drinking wine that are like this. :P

2002-11-03 16:52:54 ET

ill drink just about anything, im not a picky guy.

2002-11-03 18:30:59 ET

Meow. I'll be the first to admit when I have a drinking problem. But it hasn't let me down yet. ;)

2002-11-03 18:34:13 ET

haha, drinkin is good and bad, it's a balance

2002-11-03 18:36:00 ET

yea, everything in moderation ya know..dont let something rule youre life. but thats been said thousands of times, nothing new to say i guess.

2002-11-03 18:36:30 ET

Its bad when you drink late and have to be up early. ;)

2002-11-03 18:38:01 ET

i usualy have nothing to do...so i can drink all fucking night.

2002-11-03 18:40:16 ET

oh do i ever know that feeling, take a look at my adventures from last night, latest journal entry

2002-11-03 20:03:21 ET

2002-11-04 03:50:53 ET

Oooh, a neverending glass of a nice, dark beer!

2002-11-04 05:50:10 ET

Hi, my name's Ashton, and I am NOT an alcoholic. Thank You.

2002-11-04 06:44:22 ET

My names rudie, and i'm not an alcoholic........ i'm a drunk, alcoholics go to meetings

2002-11-04 11:29:21 ET

I'll drink to that, Rudie. ;P

2002-11-04 12:22:04 ET

haha, for sure, put three down for me

2002-11-04 12:27:44 ET

Party at my house!

2002-11-04 12:27:48 ET


2002-11-04 12:28:28 ET

What? Ashton doesn't like to party?

2002-11-04 12:37:03 ET

haha, would love to be there!

2002-11-04 12:38:55 ET

I'll even set up a crash space, Rudie, if you need to stay the night.

2002-11-04 12:39:33 ET

you're room? haha jokes

working in 20 mins :(

2002-11-04 12:40:19 ET

I wouldn't mind giving up my bed for the night for the sake of your comfort. ;)

2002-11-04 12:42:51 ET

haha, how bout coughin up the plane fare? If that's cool, count me in haha.

2002-11-04 12:46:28 ET

Hmmm, what airline?

2002-11-04 21:53:38 ET

haha, anyone you want

2002-11-05 05:07:38 ET

Is Southwest in your area?

2002-11-05 06:05:42 ET

try north east hun, haha sorry up in canada

2002-11-05 06:06:59 ET

Hahaha, silly Canadians. :P

2002-11-05 09:22:40 ET

no you've got it backwards hun, silly yanks haha

2002-11-05 11:38:49 ET

Hahaha! :P I love you anyway.

2002-11-05 12:03:15 ET

ontario SUCKS :P

2002-11-05 12:03:40 ET

Poor Phil. :(

2002-11-05 12:05:36 ET

i'm in QUÉBEC :D

2002-11-05 12:08:13 ET

French is a hot language.

2002-11-05 12:08:14 ET

Poor Phil. ;)

2002-11-05 12:10:32 ET

nuh uh uh. french is a hot language as said by joce.

2002-11-05 12:17:48 ET

I just sneezed on my monitor! Shit!

2002-11-05 12:19:19 ET

lick it off. snot is good.

2002-11-05 12:22:27 ET

EWWWW!!! You frenchies'll eat anything!

2002-11-05 13:06:02 ET

Parlez-vous francais madamme? J'etais assez de prenne une petite conversationne

2002-11-05 13:09:11 ET


2002-11-05 13:12:20 ET

haha, J'habite aux Toronto. Je m'excuse, mes francais est terrible!!!! J'etudie c'est la pour huit ans mais mes notes est pas le meillure

2002-11-05 13:16:17 ET

Wow, même moi quand j'essaye d'imiter les anglais qui parle français je suis pas capable de parler comme ça :P^

it's terrible how english ppl never get the good grammar even after many years of studying. it was alot easier for me to learn english.

2002-11-05 13:17:15 ET

lmao, doesn't surprise me, i can talk have decently in french, but when it comes to writting it? forget it!

2002-11-05 13:18:56 ET

ohh, good. you should hear me speak english. arhg

2002-11-05 13:20:25 ET

lmao, you seem to type it well enough, or are you using a translater.

2002-11-05 13:29:25 ET

nah i'm not. i know i got the writing very good, better than most english kids in my class.

i'm language-shy when speaking it in front of people.

2002-11-05 15:32:07 ET

You got the writing very WELL, Phil. ;) Just kidding.

2002-11-05 15:34:19 ET


2002-11-05 21:44:50 ET

I bought lemmons today.

2002-11-06 03:58:56 ET

Lemonade is the best drink ever.

2002-11-06 09:58:20 ET

i prefer goats blood

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