2002-11-04 17:16:27 ET

I don't know if anyone has seen how long my nails are. ( Peek in her first gallery, and you can get a gander at how LARGE they grow sometimes) Well, I don't know if it was when I was drinking, or in my sleep. But I managed to cut myself with my nail on my cornea. It is desperately painful.

I feel like a retard.

2002-11-04 17:20:53 ET

when I let them, my nails will grown that long. Only on a few fingers though, I think old habits are kicking in and I'm starting to bite a few nails.

You are not a retard. But OUCH. I offer condolences to your cornea.

2002-11-04 17:21:26 ET

Thank you. It is really mad at me right now. ;)

2002-11-04 17:28:09 ET

OWWWW!!!! ::plays p0rno music in hopes to cheer up the angered cornea::

2002-11-04 17:28:59 ET

Britt has a kinky way of curing eye pain? I want to see! ;)

2002-11-04 17:29:21 ET

hahaha....Ok...so sue me...I just wanted to play p0rno music :-\


2002-11-04 17:30:13 ET

That's fine, I understand. The music was perfect. :)

2002-11-04 17:31:23 ET

::thumbs up:: yesssss

2002-11-04 17:32:40 ET

smooth, VERY smooth

2002-11-04 17:32:45 ET

My eye is fine until I look down. Then it like spazzes. I'm having eye seizures. :P

Smoother than a baby's ass, for suuure.

2002-11-04 17:47:30 ET

that is horrible! i hear that is very very painful. sorry!

2002-11-04 17:47:58 ET

p.s. you should get an eyepatch! like a pirate rawr!

2002-11-04 17:48:19 ET

Your sympathy is appreciated. ;) I'll get the hang of this nail thing sooner or later.

2002-11-04 17:48:24 ET

that really sucks, I'm sorry. I am going to go with Brittany on this one.

2002-11-04 17:48:52 ET

Awww, Linds, thanks. I <3 you guys. :)

2002-11-04 17:50:57 ET

anytime, my friend, anytime.

2002-11-04 17:51:33 ET

Don't forget, I still have the dog...

2002-11-04 17:53:22 ET

no you don't, I mailed her to Tony. Mwahahaha!

2002-11-04 17:54:00 ET

You thief!

2002-11-04 17:54:44 ET

heheh, I know, but you love me anyways. You already said so, can't take it back now. :P

2002-11-04 17:55:08 ET

I do love you, very much. But, if you checked, it says YOUR DOG IS MINE!

2002-11-04 17:56:51 ET

it does? damn! Umm....no!

2002-11-04 17:57:27 ET

Too late, too late. You. Dog. Is. MINE.

Dude, I'm even POINTING at it in the picture. :P

2002-11-04 17:58:46 ET

My answer remains the same. NO! :)

2002-11-04 18:05:28 ET

I'm sorry, that's too bad. When you accept the love you accept my TYRANNICAL DOG OWNERSHIP! :P

2002-11-04 18:10:53 ET

ok still no! take that! ;)

2002-11-04 18:12:32 ET

Okay. If Mia has illegitimate puppies, can I have one?

2002-11-04 18:14:16 ET

haha, of course you illegitimately can!

2002-11-04 18:14:48 ET

Thank you, illegitimately. :)

2002-11-04 18:15:59 ET

By order of the illegitimate police, you must stop your illegitimate activities while an illegitimate case is created illegitimately.

Cripes, you guys sure are saying that word a lot. It's getting to the point where I'm not sure if it's spelled correctly because I'm seeing it too dang much!

2002-11-04 18:16:57 ET

It probably isn't it. Britt started it. ;)

2002-11-04 18:17:52 ET

il·le·git·i·mate [ ělli jítmt ]

Tis correct.

2002-11-04 18:18:06 ET

Wow, I'm gooood. ;)

2002-11-04 18:20:48 ET

Damn I'm smooth!

2002-11-04 18:24:33 ET

Smoother than smooth, you maniac.

2002-11-04 18:25:44 ET

ooohh yeah! Ignore the crazy person who still hasn't slept

2002-11-04 18:26:25 ET

How long has it been since you've slept?

2002-11-04 18:27:27 ET

umm thirty some odd hours

2002-11-04 18:27:28 ET

hahahaaa.. oh man, didn't mean to start all that illegitimate-ness! ;-P

2002-11-04 18:29:06 ET

Don't lie, Britt, you're PROUD of it!

30 hours? GET TO BED, Linds!

2002-11-04 18:29:35 ET

I am sorry to hear about your cornea. Wear gloves next time!

2002-11-04 18:29:36 ET

I agree with Joce.... get some sleeeeep!

2002-11-04 18:30:01 ET

Wear gloves in my sleep? Good idea. I shall try that! :P

2002-11-04 18:30:25 ET

I am going to in a minute, so goodnight all. And brittany, it's all your fault!

2002-11-04 18:30:37 ET

Sleep well, Linds!

2002-11-04 18:33:15 ET

eeeeeekkk!! I LOVETH YOU LINDS!!! ::humps:: dun hate me! =(

2002-11-04 18:35:09 ET

I'll make sure you wear them. Hint, hint. Oh my.

2002-11-04 18:36:05 ET

hahaha. Good one, bandiera ;-)

2002-11-04 18:36:33 ET

Rrrowr. :) You sex machine.

2002-11-04 18:38:21 ET

I couldn't resist.

2002-11-04 18:39:41 ET

I don't blame you. :P

2002-11-04 19:16:06 ET

dont go blind on me jocelyn

2002-11-04 21:57:07 ET

haha, that's awesome, you are so my new hero! not makin fun or anything, but that's an accomplishment

2002-11-05 01:49:40 ET


I hope it heals really soon! OW FUCK SHIT!

2002-11-05 05:16:50 ET

Paul, I promise not to go blind. It should heal in a few days, so said the nurse.

Rudie, thank you, glad I could make someone's day! :P

Sheen, it should be good. Except in the shower this morning, I got shampoo IN MY CUT EYE. That was the worst pain EVER. I sat there under the shower head with my eyes open to try and clean it out. OW. :P

2002-11-05 16:05:47 ET

now you got shampoo in it?! damn girl be careful. poor thing. hopfully it will be healed soon(tomorrow:). saline is good for rinsing. i dont know if you or anyone you know wears contacts? i just wouldnt mess with it really, i would think just leave it alone.

2002-11-05 16:06:37 ET

I'm a general pain klutz like that. I blame it on how poor I am spacially. Or something.

2002-11-05 16:54:53 ET

oooooo shower story, nake joc..... yummmm

2002-11-05 17:03:00 ET

What if I said I showered in a bikini?

2002-11-05 17:18:52 ET

I'd be disappointed, and you'd have a smelly crotch haha

2002-11-05 19:24:28 ET

i know all the stories. hehe

2002-11-06 04:00:32 ET

I prefer nudity. Especially in hot tubs. That's the best.

2002-11-06 09:30:23 ET

i have a hottub ;)

2002-11-06 11:17:49 ET

Do you really?

2002-11-06 11:52:06 ET

haha, for sure! my kinda girl haha

2002-11-06 14:46:21 ET

To Joce:


In case my horrible art does not interpret my thoughts correctly, the sign says "I LEFT MY PANTS UNDER JOCE'S BED".

2002-11-06 16:10:43 ET

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You are so rad! :* I still need to make yours.

2002-11-06 16:41:20 ET

You are welcome. I guess I should have taken a picture of me not wearing any pants--but who is to say that I am wearing pants in that picture?!

2002-11-06 16:42:34 ET

How have the hottest hair.

2002-11-06 18:01:42 ET

i am under jocelyns bed

2002-11-06 19:12:52 ET

That's some hot shit right there. :P

2002-11-06 20:33:59 ET

haha, when i get a cam, there'll be pics for everyone! haha.

2002-11-06 20:50:27 ET

same here, but i'll give the people what they want

full frontal nudity

2002-11-07 05:14:57 ET

Yum. Thanks, Paul.

Rudie better have pics for everyone. :P

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