All Fixed
2002-11-13 14:51:31 ET

There was an issue with ChaosRadio, but it's all fixed. We're set to air in 10 minutes! There's a little something for everyone, not just the hardcore kids. ;)


2002-11-13 14:52:13 ET


2002-11-13 14:52:41 ET

Yay, at least I'll have one listener. :)

2002-11-13 14:53:38 ET

You know I wouldnt miss it for the world!!!!

2002-11-13 14:54:09 ET

Awww, that's so sweet of you. 5 minutes!

2002-11-13 14:54:30 ET

YOU'RE DJING?! oh YAY, time to close Winamp.

2002-11-13 14:55:51 ET

Yes, almost time. :D

2002-11-13 14:56:16 ET

UGH, my parents are making me run over to KFC, don't play anything orgasmically good for the first twenty minutes!!!!

2002-11-13 14:56:57 ET

Hahaha, I'll try not to!

2002-11-13 14:57:32 ET


*tunes in*

2002-11-13 14:59:25 ET

And we're liiiiiiiiiiive. :)

YAY Phil!

2002-11-13 15:00:05 ET


2002-11-13 15:01:01 ET

I had to start off with the Radio song. ;)

2002-11-13 15:07:01 ET

i wish i could. damn work

2002-11-13 15:08:21 ET

So sowwy, Alison. Maybe next week.

2002-11-13 15:09:17 ET

Grrr.. where did my post go?

Play ska :)

2002-11-13 15:10:08 ET

I think I put a ska song on there somewhere. Listen for it.

2002-11-13 15:10:42 ET

Um, yay and such?!

2002-11-13 15:11:30 ET

Um, listen and such. It's a whole myraid of STUFF. Even (heaven forbid) thrash pop.

2002-11-13 15:17:41 ET

Myraid... Hrmmm... I have games going on though...
When will it be done?

2002-11-13 15:18:25 ET

When will it be done? So you can listen after I'll off air? :P

I still have over an hour and half.

2002-11-13 15:24:12 ET

lol, No, no. Just to know how long I would have.

2002-11-13 15:25:08 ET

Oh, okay. :) No rush.

2002-11-13 15:28:40 ET

Haha, okay. I'll try and remember to check it out.

2002-11-13 15:29:24 ET

Ahhh Devotchkas!!! MUCHO LOVE!!!!!!

2002-11-13 15:30:23 ET

You're welcome. :) I played them eariler, you must not have noticed the first time.

2002-11-13 16:11:05 ET

I missed it!!!! noooo Im never going to forgive myself.

2002-11-13 16:11:25 ET

It's STILL ON Meadie!

2002-11-13 16:18:45 ET

it is?!! im gonna go listen now

2002-11-13 16:21:51 ET


2002-11-13 16:44:37 ET

Hey... Firestarter. I remember seeing that video before I was even into metal. I was like 13 or so. That thing scared the hell out of me.

2002-11-13 16:46:30 ET

You caught the very end of the broadcast.

2002-11-13 16:56:07 ET

Haha great show!!! (except for last song)

2002-11-13 16:58:32 ET

You liked it anyway, Mofo!

2002-11-14 02:00:29 ET

great show!!, except the last song was a bit contradictory considered you played 'i hate hip hop kids' before :)

2002-11-14 05:15:37 ET

That was the point. I got a good laugh out of Mofo's reaction to hearing the song. :P

2002-11-14 05:45:28 ET

Where do i find this chaos radio business, dedicate me a song haha, ska ska ska! Ska core the devil and more!

2002-11-14 05:54:49 ET

Too late you already missed it, Rudie! It was last night. I tried to play some ska, but I have a shitty ska collection. I played a ska cover of Dropkicks "Irish Drinking Song", and I played some Catch 22. :P

2002-11-14 07:03:07 ET

play skavoovie!

2002-11-14 11:17:46 ET


2002-11-14 11:20:17 ET

and the epitones!!!!!

2002-11-14 11:21:04 ET


2002-11-14 19:08:32 ET

i wish i could listen.

2002-11-14 19:36:59 ET

Its over. Your late. Your fired. :D

2002-11-15 02:33:18 ET


2002-11-15 04:00:31 ET

It won't be the only time I broadcast.


2002-11-15 05:52:53 ET

Happy Friday? ::scratches head:: I feel high.

2002-11-15 09:35:27 ET

Stop being high.

2002-11-15 16:35:22 ET

heh heh heh

2002-11-15 20:14:17 ET

Britt, are you high now too?

2002-11-15 20:58:54 ET

bye jocie <3

2002-11-16 08:57:33 ET

Bye? BYE?

2002-11-17 05:59:28 ET


2002-11-17 08:20:56 ET

...Liar. ;)

2002-11-17 08:34:45 ET

Seriously! Lol... I wasn't! I've never been high in my life. Go me...or something...hahaha

2002-11-17 08:36:46 ET

YAY FOR BRITT! That rules. :)

2002-11-17 08:38:07 ET

YEah....umm me either.... 0_o

2002-11-17 08:38:30 ET

Yeah...I'm a straight edger without trying to be one on

2002-11-17 08:38:48 ET

lmao... riiiiiiite, aaron ;-)

2002-11-17 08:39:03 ET

Mofo is a liar! I know he is. :D

Yeah, I'm pretty sXe without trying. Damn it.

2002-11-17 08:40:42 ET

Hey im sXe all the way! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

2002-11-17 08:42:55 ET

(Psssst, Aaron, sXe means NO BEER.)

2002-11-17 08:43:47 ET

Ahhh......fuck. I guess that puts me out.... **cries**

2002-11-17 08:44:27 ET

heh heh heh heh

2002-11-17 08:45:57 ET

No, don't cry mofo. :( That makes Jocelyn cry.

2002-11-17 08:46:45 ET

I wanna be in a special group too! : (

2002-11-17 08:47:03 ET

I thought you were a SHARP, mofo?

2002-11-17 08:49:14 ET

: D I am in a special group!!! I am somebody!!! **music starts** I BELIEVE I CAN FLY! I BELIEVE I CAN TOUCH THE SKY!

2002-11-17 08:49:37 ET

This little kid came into Toys R Us with his mom last Wensday...and he was being REALLY annoying...and he's like "I want santa to get me THIS! and THIS!" And he was running around this little area screwing everything up and being REALLY loud, so I turned around and said "SHUT UP or Santa is going to EAT YOU FOR CHRISTMAS!". Needless to say, the kid shut up and put everything back where it was supposed to be

This has NO relevance to anything...but I thought it should be shared with everybody. ::smacks self:: I really need to get out more...

2002-11-17 08:50:42 ET


2002-11-17 08:59:01 ET

HAHAHAH SANTA IS GOING TO EAT YOU!!! HHAHAHAHAHA!!! Way to scare the little fucker, Britt!

*give mofo a special party hat* Of course you can fly...

2002-11-17 09:04:37 ET

: D!

2002-11-17 09:14:29 ET

::goofy smile::

2002-11-17 09:14:47 ET

Awwww, Britt is so cute.

2002-11-17 15:57:47 ET

Fuh-real, y0!

2002-11-18 11:01:01 ET

I feel all sorts of special now...heh

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