Happy Sunday
2002-11-17 09:01:16 ET

Happy Sunday, I hope everyone is well rested.

I'm STILL sick. Oi. I stopped breathing at a show on Friday (shock! shock! horror!) but I seem to be breathing better now. Whee.

2002-11-17 09:02:16 ET

*yawns* I just got up. Yup. Well rested.

2002-11-17 09:02:39 ET

EEP! Yes, breathing is a good thing. You should continue to do it. Always.

2002-11-17 09:02:47 ET

Good adternooon, mech. ;) You lazy bastard.

2002-11-17 09:03:15 ET

Breathing is good. I just seem to forget to do it sometimes.

2002-11-17 09:03:37 ET

one time i choked on some gum and i though i was gonna die. so scary.

2002-11-17 09:03:40 ET

CHAOTIC!!!!!!damn, hope your ok?

2002-11-17 09:03:48 ET

Heh heh heh. Lets see, stayed up till 3AM playing games, and I have no work, no school, no nothing to do today. I think I can sleep in. :D

2002-11-17 09:05:16 ET


2002-11-17 09:05:37 ET

MOONGLOW!!! :D This was just for you. Actually, I'm fine. New Mexico winters and my lungs don't like each other. You can call me Jocelyn, or Joce, by the way. :D

Mike, I've had too many "I THINK I'M GOING TO DIE" moments. :P I even have a river trip story... :P

3AM? Wow. I was up until like 1:30AM coughing. :P

2002-11-17 09:05:51 ET

I'm breathing now, Mofo, I swear.

2002-11-17 09:06:22 ET

; D If you need a reminder just call me!!!

2002-11-17 09:07:28 ET

Hahaha! I'll keep that in mind. :D

2002-11-17 09:08:06 ET

this entry is growing like the plague, glad your ok:D new mexico is beautiful, i love it out there.

2002-11-17 09:08:58 ET

It's not spreading that fast. ;) WOW, someone who likes New Mexico. That's rare. I think it's too brown out here.

2002-11-17 09:10:17 ET

i love the sunsets and moutains and dry air, my aunt lives in albuquerqe(sp?)

2002-11-17 09:11:11 ET

The sunsets are cool, since the mountains turn bright red. But the dry air is what gets to me. I was raised in Florida and California, my lungs like moisture. :P

You were close. It's Albuquerque.

2002-11-17 09:22:19 ET

im still very tired. and its 1:20. ha. i woke up at like....11. dayyyymn. anyway, hope you feel better.


2002-11-17 09:23:51 ET

Thanks, Erin. :D You're lazy, too! SK is full of lazy sleepy people.

2002-11-17 09:24:16 ET

Happy Friday...Happy Sunday...Happy all around! Heh heh heh.

Yes, Well rested I am...but I have work in about an hour... poo.

2002-11-17 09:25:20 ET

Ew, work is no fun. Have a Happy Sunday anyway, Britt! I know, you're usually the 'Happy Everything' Fairy, but I was in a good enough mood to offer it out today. :P

2002-11-17 09:26:05 ET

our new subkulture: lazy/sloth

lazy is the way to go. fo sho

2002-11-17 09:27:19 ET

Hell yeah. We;re the subkulture that never changes out of our pyjammas and we jam out to lullibies. We have clubs where we all go and SLEEP and stuff. HARDCORE!

2002-11-17 09:28:47 ET

LOL.... that's oh kay ;-) You may have permission to use Happy _____(<~~~Enter word there). It's just that every single Friday in school I say Happy Friday to everybody (since as long as I can remember). It makes the next week go by faster...for some reason... because then the next Friday I'll be saying Happy Friday and I think to myself "Wow...it's Friday already...cool!" Yup...I'm a loser like that. You should try it. Plus...it sets the weekend off on a totally GOOD note. Yup yup! Wheeeee.

2002-11-17 09:29:39 ET

LMAO...I am sooooo diggin' that new subkulture!

Hey...can I join, too?! I'm still in my PJs...

2002-11-17 09:39:27 ET

Yes, join the Sloth SK. We want you.

2002-11-17 09:40:26 ET

::thumbs up:: yessssssssssss...!

2002-11-17 09:54:02 ET

Ack. I've only had a couple "OMG I'M GOING TO DIE". Not the greatest feeling.

2002-11-17 09:55:17 ET

So, mech, you going to join the NEW and HIP Subkulture, Sloth? :D

And yes, it's a bad feeling.

2002-11-17 09:57:19 ET


2002-11-17 10:01:08 ET

Scroll up JUST a little bit.


our new subkulture: lazy/sloth

lazy is the way to go. fo sho


Hell yeah. We;re the subkulture that never changes out of our pyjammas and we jam out to lullibies. We have clubs where we all go and SLEEP and stuff. HARDCORE!

2002-11-17 10:02:23 ET

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes... That is me :D

2002-11-17 10:02:45 ET

SCORE, another member.

2002-11-17 10:03:35 ET

:D How many do we have?

2002-11-17 10:04:33 ET

Erin, Britt, you and me.

2002-11-17 10:07:31 ET

Alright! 4 and going strong.

2002-11-17 10:08:29 ET

And we'll have those "impure" members who are addicted to sleeping pills. HAHAHA. We can throw NAP PARTIES! WOO! Our signature accessory will be a BLANKET. Score.

2002-11-17 10:11:15 ET

lol, I can see you've put a lot of thought into this.

2002-11-17 10:12:42 ET

I have not. *pout*

2002-11-17 10:24:23 ET

lol, okay, well, more thought than me

2002-11-17 10:25:09 ET

Okay, yay! sl0thc0r3

2002-11-17 10:26:14 ET

can i join, i have a blanket

2002-11-17 10:26:33 ET

Yay that's 5 of us!

2002-11-17 10:26:53 ET

Happy Sunday and the rest of the week too.

2002-11-17 10:31:15 ET

Yay, score!

2002-11-17 10:38:27 ET

im late. but good morning/afternoon

stupid boss asked me to come in early..im going to pretend i was out and i forgot my cell so my mom had no way of getting ahold of me..muahahaha..cuz i only wanna work 3 hours.

2002-11-17 10:46:23 ET

sl0thc0r3 rules.

2002-11-17 12:42:26 ET

w3 ar3 sl0thc0r3

2002-11-17 12:42:47 ET


2002-11-17 13:33:08 ET

Just saying howdy since I am the lazy one who never writes on anyones things. That and I don't know anyone. All of your journal things have sooooo many comments. And to think I get delighted when I see one comment. You must be soo pleased. Oh yeah, and I am all sloth-like as well. Pajamas freakin rock!

2002-11-17 14:26:46 ET

about to change into jammys, and join the sloth club!

2002-11-17 14:51:58 ET

ive been in muh jamms alllllllll day. i even went out to the mall and other places. hehe. it was fun. and comfty!!! :oD

2002-11-17 15:44:46 ET

I am very badly rested.

2002-11-17 17:18:53 ET

Sheen, you work a lot. :( That sucks.

Hey Scarlet! Thanks for stopping by. :P I love everyone, and it makes me so happy to see people intrested in having conversations with me and stuff. I've had some posts that like...no one says anything to. But it's cool. :D

Woo for sl0thc0r3. I was in my jammies until 4pm, then I went out. Mwahahaha.

2002-11-17 17:54:38 ET

i get bored. hehehehe, but yeah. :oP

2002-11-17 17:55:06 ET


(Even though it is a little red X, I can copy and paste. :P)

2002-11-17 17:57:15 ET

There we go. I LOVE IT!!

2002-11-17 17:57:29 ET

hehe. i tried and fix the linkage. hehehe. but yeah. maybe it worked this time around :oP

2002-11-17 17:58:03 ET

Yeah, you just had some extra stuff attached to your code. :)

2002-11-17 17:58:16 ET

:oD imma put it in my bio. make a statement.


2002-11-17 17:58:41 ET

Hell yeah, do you mind if I stick it in mine? :D

2002-11-17 18:10:03 ET

no way!!! that why i made it! hehe. us sloths gotta stick togetha!! hehe

2002-11-17 18:18:46 ET

Score, we rule.

2002-11-17 18:22:47 ET

you dont know me but I think your cute. teehee

2002-11-17 18:32:26 ET

we so do rule. now all we need to do is let people now about the subk that is sloth. and wear our jammies and carry our blankets and pillows proudly!

2002-11-17 18:34:24 ET

LostSoul, score! Thank you. You're fine yourself. Meow.

YEAH! SCORE, Erin, coolest SK ever.

2002-11-18 11:09:33 ET

wee hoo! Sloths all the way! I even went to school in my jammy pants because they kept me warmer than my regular pants today. Cau I put the sl0thc0r3 thingy in my bio? Who else is in the new SK now? lol

2002-11-18 13:36:07 ET

hee! your representing, lol, slothcore!!!

2002-11-18 15:28:05 ET

Are YOU representing slothcore? :P

Use it, Britt! USE IT!

2002-11-18 16:27:03 ET

oh kay....yey!!!

2002-11-18 16:27:48 ET

sl0thc0r3 Britt!

2002-11-18 16:30:56 ET

It is SO on my page now...woot!

2002-11-18 16:31:21 ET

I just went and saw. SCORE!!!

2002-11-18 16:32:07 ET


2002-11-18 19:56:18 ET

yay!!! more people hehehe. :oD

2002-11-19 05:16:32 ET


2002-11-19 09:50:43 ET

Yeah I think I will mention something about SLOTHCORE... Hahaha! It fits me to a tee. Tee-shirt and pajama pants that is. I must admit that I wear my pajamas all day everyday that I can. They are just ssoooooooo comfy. ME LOVE IT. Damn you sure do get a lot of comments. heheheheh!

2002-11-19 11:22:07 ET

Hahaha, I'm such a social freak. :P

Yeah, slothcore is totally me on the weekends. I don't like to get dressed if I'm going to relax all day.

2002-11-19 11:54:01 ET

slothcore is me pretty much everyday. if i dont wear my jamms to school, its the first thing i do when i get home. and jump straight in the bed for a nice nap. :oD

2002-11-19 14:44:25 ET

i hope you can soon breathe throgh both of your noses!!! :-D

2002-11-19 14:52:15 ET

HAHAHA! Almost can. ;)

2002-11-19 17:29:37 ET

I try to be a social freak. But I always forget to write back. Yeah it is about pajama time for me.

2002-11-19 17:30:18 ET

Wooo, sl0thc0r3! ;) I usually respond, because I'm polite and I always have something to say.

2002-11-19 17:43:07 ET

my mom yells at me when i try to leave the house in my pj's

2002-11-19 17:44:01 ET

Meanie! Sneak out? HAhaha!

2002-11-19 18:55:34 ET

TiT - Mouse ??/

2002-11-19 18:56:06 ET

Hahaha! Where did you get THAT from?

2002-11-19 19:20:31 ET

I'm wearing my red plaid PJ's at the moment. I dont normally wear PJ's but it's just too damn cold out.

2002-11-19 19:21:50 ET

Yeah, it's FREEZING today. BRRR. I have red plaid PJs too!

2002-11-19 23:46:27 ET

hell, i was slothcore before slothcore was slothcore! lol... thanks for checkin' my page! i'm in on the subkulture...

2002-11-20 03:13:05 ET

The blanket thing reminds me of the towel thing from Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. Oh and that kid from the Peanuts Gang.
'Loss of Breathe' by Edgar Allen Poe is a really funny story.
Sorry I have been reading too much.

2002-11-20 03:57:30 ET

Hahaha, chaosculture is ELITE. :P

Loss of Breath...I haven't read it, but I love Poe. I'll look into it. :D

2002-11-20 04:16:24 ET

Hey Ape.. did you hear about the new Hitchhiker's movie remake? It hasn't gone into production yet, but it will be directed by Jay Roach (Dir: Austin Powers).

Just thought you might find that interesting.

2002-11-20 04:17:36 ET

Hey, I find that interesting, too. :P

2002-11-20 04:21:13 ET

Sorry Joce. I should have known :)


Well, I'm off to bed.

2002-11-20 04:22:11 ET


Have sweet, pleasant dreams. :-*

2002-11-20 04:23:31 ET

Thank you! I will try. *HUG*

2002-11-20 17:32:00 ET

breathing is good

2002-11-20 17:32:15 ET

I forget to do it sometimes.

2002-11-20 17:40:23 ET

Sleeping is good. I never forget to do THAT.

2002-11-21 00:38:21 ET

I have heard here and there about the movie yes thank you.
I have also heard that they are or were working on a Red Dwarf movie hehehe.

2002-11-21 15:56:48 ET

i was just sick. no fun. hope you're better. :)

2002-11-21 15:58:02 ET

Oh, I'm much better. Thank you!

2002-11-21 16:04:30 ET

yep! hehe.

2002-11-21 16:04:46 ET

Glad you're better, too! :D

2002-11-21 16:06:21 ET

haha heyy thanks!

and your hair is pretty and looks good on you. i look terrible with long hair.

2002-11-21 16:06:40 ET

Oh, wowwie, thank you! :D

2002-11-21 16:08:32 ET

no problem! *skips away*

2002-11-24 11:02:33 ET

joce I wanna send you some love.

2002-11-24 13:41:00 ET

i send love constantly

2002-11-24 15:20:58 ET

Mead, what kind of love? MAIL love?

2002-11-25 10:21:05 ET

Mail love all types of love. I want to send you love. your so cute.

2002-11-25 11:17:39 ET

Mead is cuter. <3

2002-11-25 14:42:32 ET

i wanna send you a collage. tell the things you like in my journal in the collage entry. a special one just for you.

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