Goodness me!
2002-11-24 15:27:01 ET

I just returned from a weekend in San Antonio, Texas with family. They spent the whole weekend either asking questions about my "earring in the nose" or commenting on how ready my hips look to push out children.

Anyway, HELLO! And I hope you all had a good weekend.

If anyone wants a snail mail letter from me (I'm on a roll), please PM me your address!

2002-11-24 15:27:47 ET

HEY BABE!!! I got your letter!!!! Earing on the nose. I love it. I love you.

2002-11-24 15:28:32 ET

YOU GOT MY LETTER ALREADY? Jimminy Christmas, it seems like I just sent it out. It was LAME and boring and quick because I didn;t know what to say. I LUFF YOU, TOO!

2002-11-24 15:29:53 ET

It was like you just sent it out. It came in 2 or 3 days.

2002-11-24 15:29:57 ET

HEY!!!! We missed ya!!!

2002-11-24 15:30:16 ET

Whoa, sounds like my family. Scary.

Weekend was good.. um... I did homework. yup

2002-11-24 15:31:42 ET

hahaha! what?!

nose piercing and pregnancy? sounds like an eventful weekend.

2002-11-24 15:34:20 ET


Yeah, my family is weird like that. They want grandchildren and grandneices and stuff. I'm afraid. :P

Homework...I forgot about that.

Thanks, pixi! HAHA!

2002-11-24 15:42:06 ET

forgetting something?

2002-11-24 15:42:51 ET

How could I forget YOU? :P

2002-11-24 15:43:12 ET

i want a letter! lol. ~.~

2002-11-24 15:43:45 ET

SkaQueen, will do. PM me your address. :D

2002-11-24 15:44:41 ET

Nope, not a good weekend. Blaaaaaah.
You should hit your family. :P

2002-11-24 15:45:11 ET

Mech, why not? Same stuff, or new stuff?

I will hit them all, just for you.

2002-11-24 15:45:12 ET

Why does EVERYONE steal my pen pals!

2002-11-24 15:45:30 ET

i was sick all motherfucking weekend. it sucked major cock. argh!

2002-11-24 15:46:12 ET

Ekka, we will always be pen pals. <3 Luff.

Glad you had fun, Mike, tell me all about it over IM. :D

2002-11-24 15:46:17 ET

Bleh, I was/am sick. Although, I think I am getting over my girl problems!

2002-11-24 15:48:18 ET

i'll never be over my girl problems...but this constant dripping of snot out of my face of FAR more to worry about. God seems to help my by making me miserable.

2002-11-24 15:48:36 ET

Luff 4 Lyf.

2002-11-24 15:49:00 ET

Is it coming from your face, or your nose?

2002-11-24 15:49:28 ET


I'll never be over my girl problems either. ;) Get better the both of you.

2002-11-24 15:55:08 ET

Joce. I really think you should think about taking a trip to Mass.

2002-11-24 15:56:18 ET

Ekka, I'm planning a HUGE east coast road trip for June. Boston is actually on our list. Are you close to Boston?

2002-11-24 15:56:40 ET

I'm about 15-20 minutes away.

2002-11-24 15:56:55 ET

like 20 minutes north of it. ~.~

2002-11-24 15:57:02 ET

OMG, score. :D Then we'll probably be able to see you. <3

2002-11-24 15:57:45 ET

who's we? and guess what's on the telly!? :). ~.~

2002-11-24 15:57:54 ET

::makes sure I buy a camera:: Joce you don't understand how happy I would be to see you.

2002-11-24 15:58:09 ET

I'll be going with my friend Casidy (she's so much fun).

2002-11-24 15:58:34 ET

And my sister wnts to go, but we'll see.


2002-11-24 15:58:57 ET

cool. i probly won't see you lol. WIZARD OF OZ! :). ~.~

2002-11-24 15:59:20 ET

WIZARD OF OZ, what channel? Tell Joce so she can turn on the TV.

You won't see me? :(

2002-11-24 15:59:45 ET

We can go shopping and such. Oh how I am excited. I think that we should get a SK meet.

2002-11-24 16:00:10 ET

12! WB!.....unless you come to my house. lol. ~.~

2002-11-24 16:00:25 ET

We could go shopping! We're brewing our own alcohol for the trip, too. Yum.

2002-11-24 16:00:55 ET

WB! Okay.

Dude, I have a car, of course I could stop by.

2002-11-24 16:01:05 ET

:) thanks. ~.~

2002-11-24 16:01:46 ET

Ummm alchohol you say?! I'm there.

2002-11-24 16:03:03 ET

It's honey mead. It's the best stuff ever.

2002-11-24 16:04:00 ET

Mead??? I learned about that in Brit Lit...

2002-11-24 16:04:43 ET

It is soooo good. It's sweet and just plain YUM.

2002-11-24 16:05:58 ET

What's in it?

2002-11-24 16:07:03 ET

Honey. Ginger. Nutmeg. Cloves. A tiny bit of lemon juice. Hops. :D

2002-11-24 16:08:51 ET

Fucking yumalish.

2002-11-24 16:09:06 ET

Doesn't it sound to die for? Rrrowr.

2002-11-24 16:09:36 ET

Kinda like you. ::meowwww::

2002-11-24 16:09:59 ET

i put that pin on my crotch flap and when i took it off i stabbed myself, haha.

2002-11-24 16:10:12 ET

You're so sweet to me, Ekkababy. My little Templeton!

2002-11-24 16:10:29 ET

You put it on your crotch? So cute.

Stabbed the junk?

2002-11-24 16:11:08 ET

Templeton is yours forever.

2002-11-24 16:11:48 ET

argh. my crotch flap. you know?...those things that look like kilts? i stabbed my finger.

2002-11-24 16:12:03 ET

Awwwww. I <3 my Templeton.

OH, CROTCH FLAP. I didn't see the FLAP part, hahaha.

2002-11-24 16:12:22 ET

I <33 my Joce.

2002-11-24 16:12:35 ET

So much luff!

2002-11-24 16:21:09 ET

haha, I got the hips to push out some babies too. which I hate. But my family begs me not to have any.

Glad to see you back around<3

2002-11-24 16:22:12 ET

Hey, Tarababy! :D Your family bets you not to have any? Lucky.

I'm glad to be back around. Double <3.

2002-11-24 16:23:16 ET

And punkrockmohawk: That's why you but D rings on your bum or cock flap. And do you even wear pants that damn tight to need one, girls like men in tight pants without the crotch flaps..hah

2002-11-24 16:23:43 ET

Haha, damn right we do.

2002-11-24 16:42:52 ET

i use a weird clip thingy that hooks onto my bondage belt. i meant that i put a pin that she sent me on it and when i took it off, it stabbed me. i dont use pins to hold my flap on.

i hate walking around with a bulge in my pants, so i wear the crotch flap for that.

2002-11-24 16:46:34 ET

welcome back!

i don't really know you that well, but would you write me? lol

2002-11-24 16:48:01 ET


2002-11-24 16:48:19 ET

I would totally write you, ADDRESS ADDRESSS!

2002-11-24 16:48:56 ET

he he okie

2002-11-24 16:59:42 ET

i think i'd need to examine said hips for myself ;-P

2002-11-24 17:07:08 ET

Bring it, Furax.

2002-11-24 17:08:20 ET

uh oh! haha ;-P

2002-11-24 21:38:51 ET

I'm bored. I'm posting. Gah.

2002-11-25 03:51:44 ET

You're bored? I'm sorry. :(

2002-11-25 05:28:57 ET

"earring in the nose"


2002-11-25 08:13:20 ET

Childbearing hips...
me too.. :)

2002-11-25 09:20:04 ET

At least someone else is in the club with me. Meow.

2002-11-25 09:21:18 ET

Let's make babies, Utopia. Heheh...

2002-11-25 11:18:44 ET

With each other? That might be hard, but I'm in!

2002-11-25 11:20:00 ET

Never underestimate the ultra sexual potency of STORM...

2002-11-25 11:20:29 ET

...I love your new avatar, it's hot. :D

So, when are we gonna make these babies?

2002-11-25 18:30:50 ET

::spikes hair to one side; dons lycra skirt and leg warmers::

You and me baby. You'll be barefoot and pregnant in NO time. Har-har!

2002-11-25 18:33:21 ET

You're killing me, Storm. Way too hot.

What will we name the baby?

2002-11-25 18:34:49 ET

Or SIMOOM... hahah

Some sort of Chaotic Weather phenomena! *grin*

2002-11-25 18:35:21 ET

Simoom? Hahaha, it will be teased. Mistral I like, though. Very sexy.

2002-11-25 18:36:36 ET

Mistral is a totally hot name... Simoom I just like because it's the BlAZING HOT "DEMON" storm that sweeps across the Sahara.


2002-11-25 18:38:09 ET

So the baby can be named Mistral Sahara. :D

2002-11-25 18:38:48 ET

::gags with hotness::
I'm going to have to remember that.... GORGEOUS. :)

2002-11-25 18:41:00 ET

Yeah, I like that name a ton. You have good ideas.

2002-11-25 18:41:22 ET

<off topic>
Right now I'm wearing black boots, black cut off BDU's, a Black turtleneck...
Perfectly a fitted MOUSEKETEER cap that says MISTRESS across the front. My new uniform. Hahah....
</off topic>

2002-11-25 18:42:19 ET

...Wow, that sounds freakishly hot.

2002-11-25 18:44:08 ET

"oh micky, you're so fine! you're so fine you blow my mind! hey micky! hey micky!"

hehehe ;-P

2002-11-25 18:45:00 ET

Hahah.. it's actually stunningly cute! Since my hair is short, it fits my head perfectly.
Mousekerivet. It's the new wave.

2002-11-25 18:47:00 ET

Mosekerivet! You'll be the new Annette. ;)

2002-11-25 18:58:19 ET


I dunno!


2002-11-25 19:38:05 ET

nawww... I'm no postergirl. Annette is hot though... wooooo

2002-11-25 22:39:04 ET


2002-11-26 05:20:55 ET

You're no poster girl? You have an AVATAR like that and you say you're no postergirl? Take that back!

What's wrong, Tara?

2002-11-26 06:24:38 ET

nothing, just blahing.

2002-11-26 06:52:55 ET

Well, turn that "blah" upside down.. or something.. I dunno.

2002-11-26 11:50:55 ET

Happy thoughts, Tara, you should be getting my letter next week. :D

2002-11-27 09:29:01 ET

*happy thoughts* YEY!

2002-11-28 16:28:43 ET


2002-11-28 16:29:51 ET

PHEEL, my lovely ball of sexy sunshine, how ARE YOU?

2002-11-28 16:30:48 ET

I'm exploding of happiness, thank you.

2002-11-28 16:31:09 ET

You are? Tell Jocelyn everything!

2002-11-28 16:32:36 ET

What does Jocelyn want to know? What's to be told?

2002-11-28 16:33:16 ET

Why you're BURSTING with HAPPINESS. :D

2002-11-28 16:37:37 ET

Unexplicable sudden burst of semi-chronic happiness. :D

2002-11-29 11:14:00 ET

Yay for Phil!!

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