I Did a Bad Bad Thing...
2002-11-29 11:36:35 ET

It seems like this is a frequent topic for my posts. So I won't go into detail, but let's just say I had fun. :)

I'm still on a writing spree, if anyone wants a letter.

2002-11-29 11:37:12 ET

::pokes:: reay my new entry. Yours is on it's way =)

2002-11-29 11:37:42 ET

I commented on yours already, I thought. :) I'm so excited to get it!

2002-11-29 11:38:05 ET

Oh nevermind... you *did* comment already...lol.. whoops. =P

2002-11-29 11:38:40 ET

Haha, it's okay, you DID say you were tired.

2002-11-29 11:40:12 ET


2002-11-29 11:40:24 ET

I want a letter

2002-11-29 11:40:54 ET

I'm gonna take my nap now. Talk to ya later Ms. Joce! ::huggs::

2002-11-29 11:40:55 ET

Okay, Gage, just PM me your address and I'll write you one and send it out. :)

2002-11-29 11:41:06 ET

Bye, Britt!! Sleep well!

2002-11-29 11:41:39 ET

Bad fun things are good.

2002-11-29 11:42:12 ET

What bad fun things are we talking about

2002-11-29 11:42:29 ET

I know they are, Phil. Mwahaha.

2002-11-29 11:43:20 ET

We're talking about my last two nights, Gage.

2002-11-29 11:43:50 ET

Was it dirty raunchy sex?

2002-11-29 11:44:13 ET

Not at all.


2002-11-29 11:44:36 ET

Well then I am confuzed bah

2002-11-29 11:44:59 ET

It's supposed to be cryptic, Gage. :P

2002-11-29 11:45:52 ET

But I lost my little orphan annie secret decoder ring last week. sniff

2002-11-29 11:46:56 ET

Well, you could guess all day and I'd never tell you anyway. :P

2002-11-29 11:47:38 ET

Well ok then. As long as I would be in a complete shroud of mystery then I can accept it.

2002-11-29 11:48:33 ET

Good, I'm glad. :) Maybe someday, when we're all older.

2002-11-29 11:48:57 ET

Aw, now I'm curious!

2002-11-29 11:49:29 ET

You are? Fascinating. :D

Hi Sin, how was your Turkey Day?

2002-11-29 11:52:08 ET

Boring. I hate Thanksgiving. Yours? What's the bad thing? :-P~~~

2002-11-29 11:53:41 ET

We deep friend turkeys. Holy GOD, I hate turkey...but this stuff was so effing good.

The bad thing was just plain baddddd.

2002-11-29 11:55:39 ET

Ha, I'm bet it's not that bad.

2002-11-29 11:56:53 ET

Well, it's not as bad as murder, I can tell you that. :P

2002-11-29 11:57:32 ET

Ha, tell me more.

2002-11-29 12:00:08 ET

It also isn't as bad as armed robbery.

2002-11-29 12:00:24 ET

Yes, tell us more.

2002-11-29 12:01:09 ET

It also isn't as bad as child pornography.

2002-11-29 12:02:32 ET

Ha! Then you'd be busted like Pee Wee.

Ummm, just tell us!

2002-11-29 12:03:27 ET

Is it in the cop's criminal act books?

2002-11-29 12:03:31 ET

Ummm, I'm not sure I have the balls to say it here. Hahaha.

2002-11-29 12:03:43 ET

I think so, Phil.

2002-11-29 12:04:32 ET

You killed someone? Man, that's bad.

2002-11-29 12:04:47 ET

No one is dead, I swear!

2002-11-29 12:05:53 ET

PM the person you trust.

2002-11-29 12:06:29 ET

But you did something to someone....hmmm. I'm beginning to think this is something like destruction of property...

I can always make stuff up until you're ready to say! :-)

2002-11-29 12:06:36 ET

Trust everyone a little, and no one a lot.

I already told two people. And...there were a lot of OMGs thrown around.

2002-11-29 12:06:50 ET

I did something to someone. But it wasn't property.


2002-11-29 12:08:20 ET

I see... I think I get it.

2002-11-29 12:10:20 ET

PM me and we'll see if you're right.

2002-11-29 12:11:22 ET

OMG OMG OMG You're such a shy kid.

2002-11-29 12:12:28 ET

I'm usually never shy. I'm pretty open. But...people can judge. :P

2002-11-29 12:20:16 ET

im jealous!

2002-11-29 12:20:54 ET

Of what?

2002-11-29 12:22:52 ET

Hmm, I'm kinda apprehensive about guessing. But I'll keep asking questions. Does this involve someone of the opposite sex? I don't think this really matters but it's a start.

2002-11-29 12:23:47 ET

of whoever you did the bad bad things with d-;

2002-11-29 12:23:47 ET

It involves members of both sexes.

2002-11-29 12:25:40 ET

Did you play Spin the Bottle?

2002-11-29 12:25:51 ET


2002-11-29 12:27:02 ET

blah...my life needs some action...you're lucky

2002-11-29 12:27:24 ET

"Action"? Who said it was "action"? :P

2002-11-29 12:28:46 ET

It was action? I knew it was!

2002-11-29 12:29:02 ET

WHAT? No one said it was action!

2002-11-29 12:29:10 ET

oh come on. if YOU were involved, it was action. d-;

2002-11-29 12:29:34 ET

What is THAT supposed to mean?

2002-11-29 12:35:33 ET

you're action packed. or something

2002-11-29 12:36:04 ET

Haha, like a G.I. Joe with karate chop action!

2002-11-29 12:36:56 ET

...something like that ;-)

2002-11-29 12:40:35 ET

Good times.

I think everyone is done guessing. Mwahahaha.

2002-11-29 12:42:15 ET

you're action jackson

so, yes, I guess that answer does satisy my inquiries.

2002-11-29 12:43:16 ET

Action Jackson! HAHAHAHA! That's hilarious. I get that all the time.

So...you gonna PM me your guess, Sinny?

2002-11-29 12:44:16 ET

nah, why don't you PM me.

2002-11-29 12:44:44 ET

Lazy fucker. :P

2002-11-29 12:46:01 ET

no pm's

you performed hot wild sexual acts.


2002-11-29 12:46:45 ET

Why does Jocelyn being bad always get interpretted as I was sexxxual?

2002-11-29 12:48:31 ET

cause you're sexxxy.

2002-11-29 12:48:40 ET

Because you're a sexual offender.

2002-11-29 12:48:53 ET

That doesn't mean I'm a sex driven maniac. :P

2002-11-29 12:49:01 ET

Offender? Hahaha.

2002-11-29 12:50:38 ET

i didnt say you were. but i mean come on! 'i did a bad bad thing'...what do you THINK that sounds like??


2002-11-29 12:51:44 ET

I think it sounds like a Chris Isaac song. ;)

2002-11-29 12:53:09 ET

So then you do admit to it being sexual!

2002-11-29 12:53:41 ET

Do I?

2002-11-29 12:53:57 ET

hmmm...well i dont really listen to him...so oh well.


2002-11-29 12:54:28 ET

Haha, it's such a funny song.

2002-11-29 12:56:18 ET

You had sex with Chris Issak on the beach... I think that's what you were talking about.

2002-11-29 12:57:06 ET

OMG! You found out? WHO TOLD?!

2002-11-29 12:57:57 ET


2002-11-29 12:58:25 ET

I know, I'm so terrible!

2002-11-29 12:59:33 ET

no no, im just confused...but thats ok.....i think

2002-11-29 12:59:55 ET

You should be.

2002-11-29 13:01:03 ET


2002-11-29 13:02:00 ET

No blahing!

2002-11-29 13:02:14 ET


2002-11-29 13:17:53 ET

I wnat a letter. actually I just finsihed yours. So it will be MANDATORY to send me another :).

2002-11-29 13:18:58 ET

You know I will, Ekkababy. :)

2002-11-29 14:24:25 ET

wow... this post was amusing to read :-P

2002-11-29 14:38:13 ET

Sometimes things get crazy over here.

<3 for Britt.

2002-11-29 14:39:18 ET

Your entries flare up with comments fast! You're approaching the 150 comment limit...lol

2002-11-29 14:39:31 ET

Blah blah blah

2002-11-29 14:39:33 ET

Ok...so it's only about 100 now...but still...hah

2002-11-29 14:42:43 ET

Sin, what did I tell you about blahing?

Britt, well thanks for reading!

2002-11-29 14:44:38 ET


2002-11-29 14:46:55 ET

Sowwy :-(

2002-11-29 14:52:01 ET

It's okay. Blahblah.

2002-11-29 15:14:09 ET

you have a bajillion comments for ea/ journal entry. holy shit!

2002-11-29 15:16:24 ET

I know, it's nuts, huh? I <3 my SK buddies.

2002-11-29 15:18:45 ET

Now you're blahing!

2002-11-29 15:22:35 ET

Oh no!

2002-11-29 15:24:34 ET

I read. And found nothing revelent.

2002-11-29 15:24:55 ET

But I love you anyway, Mister Phil.

2002-11-29 15:27:13 ET

NOT me. :)

2002-11-29 18:11:01 ET

YES you.

2002-11-30 03:14:53 ET

Everybody loves everybody! Orgy time!

2002-11-30 03:18:08 ET


<takes off shoes>

2002-11-30 07:59:45 ET


Good idea, Sheen!

2002-11-30 08:28:06 ET

oh my goodness, i want a letter! i'll pm you sweetie pie :)

2002-11-30 08:42:06 ET

YAY, awesome, I'll start your letter ASAP Jolie!!

2002-11-30 09:42:54 ET


2002-11-30 09:43:17 ET


2002-11-30 09:43:39 ET


2002-11-30 09:44:28 ET

Eh? Nein? Are you speaking GERMAN?

2002-11-30 09:45:37 ET


2002-11-30 09:46:06 ET

I don't know much German yet. Tell me something in Russian. :P

2002-11-30 09:46:46 ET

I don't know any Russian, besides "babushka" and "dos vedanya" or however you spell it

2002-11-30 09:48:02 ET

Well, you can't exactly spell it in English, since their alphabet is all nuts.

You can tell me "Koshka!" Which is kitty. Or you can tell me "Nyet!" which is no. :P Or "Podrooga" which means female friend.

2002-11-30 09:48:42 ET

I didn't know you know Russian!

2002-11-30 09:51:52 ET

I know bits and pieces, and I know the entire alphabet. I say "Where is my money, you friendly cat?" fairly well. :P

2002-11-30 09:53:18 ET

In 7th grade, my geography teacher made us learn their alphabet.. I forgotted it all. :(

2002-11-30 09:54:08 ET


2002-11-30 09:54:28 ET

Well, it's never too late to learn it again for fun. :)http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Track/7635/alphabet.html

2002-11-30 15:10:39 ET

HAHAH! Jocelyn also has a wonderful Russian accent done... and she scares the fuck out of Wendy's employees by saying ::Russian accent:: "Is it all in the bag..?"
"Is it all in the BAG!?"

It makes you laugh to no end... XD

2002-12-01 09:53:49 ET

HAHAHA! I remember that Ashton. What good times we have. "I just want to make sure everything is in the bag..."

2002-12-01 11:26:24 ET

"What"//... "The bag... is it all in there?"

2002-12-01 11:31:10 ET


2002-12-02 15:22:56 ET

New gallery added. Love.

2002-12-02 15:40:00 ET

That is badass, Joce!!! Love indeed.

2002-12-02 15:40:20 ET

Haha, sweet!

2002-12-02 16:20:09 ET

I got your letter today. you should be getting mine soon.
We need to talk.

Don't you hate fat little bitches that try to come after your men?

2002-12-02 16:28:12 ET

Woo, glad you got it! I can't wait to get!

2002-12-02 17:57:44 ET

I got your letter a few days ago but I've been too lazy to get on and tell ya aboot it.

2002-12-02 17:59:21 ET

Well, thanks for finally letting me know. :P

2002-12-02 18:03:23 ET

Hey little missy, don't stick it out unless you intend to use it. And on another note, your bitter attittude makes me not want to send you one in return.

2002-12-02 18:04:44 ET


2002-12-02 18:08:21 ET

Hmmm. I could sworn there was one of these ;) in there somewhere

2002-12-02 18:10:41 ET

Oh, hahaha, I almost cried. :P

2002-12-02 18:16:56 ET

Really, I'm not a hateful guy. I just play one on TV.

2002-12-02 19:15:17 ET

actually , to refer to your star-wars stuff, I engineered a patch on Moonglows Synthesizer from scratch , it sounds like R2D2 talking to a perfect tee, the secret is ring modulators !

2002-12-02 19:17:54 ET


2002-12-03 05:22:25 ET

OMG, SCHWING! They're yours, Britt! Meow!

2002-12-04 02:27:24 ET


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